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March 19, 2003



Care2 Contact: Marlin Miller
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Care2's Peace Action Center mobilized to flood Congress with letters, phone calls and meetings seeking peaceful solution to war with Iraq

Care2 today unveiled the Peace Action Center, the first anti-war Internet site to offer concerned citizens the means to easily personalize and send correspondence to Congress and to simplify the organization of local anti-war demonstrations and gatherings. Care2, with over two million active members, is the largest online network of socially progressive activists. By leveraging Care2's powerful online organizational tools, the Peace Action Center enables constituents to quickly send anti-war messages to Congress, as well as stage local, in-person demonstrations and rallies. Membership dues or donations are not required to access and use the site.

The Peace Action Center, a meeting place designed to harness the organizational powers of the Internet, significantly streamlines the grassroots process for anti-war advocates by integrating online and off-line activism activities. Individuals type in their zip code to automatically view Congressional contact information and get speaking and meeting tips. Care2's automated system instantly sends personalized letters directly to the appropriate Congressional Representatives. The Peace Action Center also uses tracking tools to tally and report on meetings held by local activists. By sharing and posting meeting results and strategies on the site, citizens can monitor local progress and increase grassroots activism when needed.

"For the first time, local activists have a virtual meeting place where they can communicate online and organize face-to-face meetings," said Care2 CEO Randy Paynter. "Cyber advocacy can be very effective, but the cyber model is only one tactic for bringing people together for a common cause. The Peace Action Center will give anti-war activists the critical tools they need to mount a massive letter-writing campaign to Congress and at the same time initiate grassroots rallies in their communities. Care2's online advocacy tools make it possible for like-minded individuals to work together to make a significant difference, and now we've built in an additional grassroots capability to help oppose a war with Iraq."
    The Peace Action Center enables individuals to take action by:

  • Writing Letters
    The Peace Action Center sends personalized letters to members of Congress. Over 120,000 letters have already been faxed to congressional offices to dramatically raise visibility for the anti-war effort.

  • Calling Congressional Representatives
    The Peace Action Center provides telephone talking points and tips, as well as Congressional contact phone numbers.

  • Meeting With Congressional Representatives

    The Peace Action Center provides meeting talking points and tips, as well as Congressional office addresses locally and in Washington D.C.

  • Organizing Local Meetings and Rallies
    Activists can use the Peace Action Center to announce upcoming meetings and rallies and communicate important details via the local online forums.

  • Attending and Reporting on Local Events
    The Peace Action Center allows people to report on the results of local events and share meeting and rally tips with other activists.

  • Getting Others Involved
    A simple click allows people to share the Peace Action Center Web site with other like-minded individuals. This viral marketing approach has proven to be a powerful tool to help increase and maintain the grassroots activism effort.

Care2 has taken a leadership role in the peace initiative and is a pioneer in Internet advocacy at the local level. The Peace Action Center is the latest high visibility concern supported by Care2. Care2's other activist recruiting tools include, with over 100 active petitions sponsored by individuals and nonprofit organizations. The Care2 network is ready to quickly mobilize on a variety of progressive issues that directly affect its two million members, including saving the arctic from oil drilling and opposing cuts in public education programs.

About Care2

Care2 is the largest online environmental network, bringing together "light green" individuals, nonprofit organizations and eco-oriented businesses. With more than 28 million members, is the most popular web site for people who care to make a difference in the environment, health, and society. This market has been described as the LOHAS (Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability) market, responsible for $226.8 billion in U.S. sales according to the LOHAS Journal. The Care2 Network empowers people to protect and preserve the planet with every visit to its web site by providing eco- shopping, tips on sustainable living, click-to-donate races, online petitions, activist opportunities, healthy living content and free member services.

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