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Delaware Valley Humane Society

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  • Anonymous
  • 1326 days, 37 minutes ago
  • Laurinda Crawford
  • 1318 days, 1 hour ago
The people at this shelter are tirelessly finding homes and love for the animals they are caring for. They have an amazing website, and do endless outreach to raise needed funds. Unfortunately, this shelter is located in a very economically depressed area and support is hard to come by. Please consider the tireless, positive work they are doing for these lost, injured, abandoned, and homeless animals. They deserve this money.
  • Jemmy Delva
  • 1352 days, 2 hours ago
they treat the animals well but are understaffed and over worked

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  • Gene Miner
  • 1308 days, 12 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1309 days, 5 hours ago
The people at the shelter need all the help they can get for the wonderful work they do on a daily basis.
  • suzanne whitney
  • 1309 days, 6 hours ago
Very friendly staff. Really care about the animals!
  • Anonymous
  • 1309 days, 8 hours ago
Small group of people who do a LARGE amount of work. They do their very best to keep the animals comfortable. It takes a lot of work and devotion. Let's help them do an even better job by helping them with the financials so they can focus on the animals! P.S. I still have my cat I got from there when she was a kitten!
  • first nameRenee* Guidelli
  • 1310 days, 16 hours ago
The friendly Service & knowledgeable staff
  • Anonymous
  • 1310 days, 18 hours ago
They do a great job at taking care of the animals and also do everything possible to find good homes for them.
  • Gail Hearth
  • 1310 days, 20 hours ago
Because they try to find homes without euthanizing the furry children!
  • Anonymous
  • 1310 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1310 days, 22 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1312 days, 12 minutes ago
I think the people that run the animal shelter in Sidney ,N Y. do a great job of finding homes for the homeless animals.It takes a lot of care and hard work on the part of the people running the shelter.