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  • Sharon Shearer
  • 1488 days, 22 hours ago
its aclean beautiful facility that was designed soley for the comfort of the animals and not convience for the workers. the dogs have a big fenced in are where they can play outsid every day. T he cats have really nice rooms where they can freely run and play and plenty of things to climb on and places to crawl in for sleeping and hiding. they also have their own clinic in the building and a caring vet for spay & neutor . the board members , employees and voulunteres have the best interest of each and every cat or dog that lives there and they freely give their time to make sure they ar fed , healthy, happy and live in the cleanest inviorment possible , even if its at the expense of their personal lives. ita a wonderful place to live says the cats and dogs. We love our home and our caretakers. just come and visit us and you will see. This animal shelter and orphanage is a no profit , donations organization so I hope you choose them so they will be able to care for these and more animals like they deserve to be taken care of. Ilove the Marion GRANT county Humane Shelter And Animal orphanage And Adoption. Sharon Shearer anage
  • Cathy Shelton
  • 1493 days, 18 hours ago
They are making a great effort to find homes for every animal they receive and greatly appreciate any donations and/or help they receive. They are a no-kill shelter and utilize a foster care system and animal rescue programs in order to place animals. They also operate a spay and neuter clinic that offers these services at a very afforable cost. They have a new facility and truly care for the animals that are housed there.
  • Debbie Boyer
  • 1494 days, 6 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1505 days, 20 hours ago
Nice new facility. Want good care for animals
  • Roger Hornaday
  • 1506 days, 4 hours ago
This shelter tries to find homes for every animal they receive that is adoptable. They have a foster care program and work with other animal rescue organizations in the area to find homes for the animals. I rescued the best dog I have ever had from them.
  • April Beattie
  • 1517 days, 18 hours ago
I love how much everyone loves and care for the animals. I have been there when someone has taken a dog home and the care giver just broke down and cried, but know she was happy to have found a home. This would be one of the best gift they could use. The dogs and cats need all they can get for the care they are getting until the find their family to go home with. That is what it really comes down to.