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Addison County Humane Society

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  • Erin Pirkkanen
  • 1639 days, 4 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1652 days, 9 hours ago
Because they are so humane, so willing to help us find animals or give food to those who cannot afford to feed their animals, and because I found my beloved dog Benny there--one of the best friends of my life.
  • Diane LaFrance
  • 1645 days, 8 hours ago
They are a no-kill shelter, the staff is wonderful & the place is very clean. I've adopted from there & will gladly go back to adopt one day!!
  • Patti Dapsis
  • 1645 days, 15 hours ago
They care about all animals. A shelter with a big heart.
  • Anonymous
  • 1651 days, 13 hours ago
Anyone who cares about the welfare of animals must be grateful to have the ACHS as a resource in our county. We are most fortunate, as are the animals who receive shelter and care there.

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  • Ronnie Ginsberg
  • 1601 days, 11 hours ago
A no-kill shelter and a loving, caring place where animals are always well taken care of.
  • cheri smith
  • 1603 days, 7 hours ago
I adopted a WONDERFUL puppy 8 years ago from there. His name is Mr. Magoo and his is my best friend. I got very lucky when I adopted him from the shelter. I would recommend this shelter to anyone looking for a pet! They were wonderful to deal with. Thanks Again! Cheri Smith
  • 1603 days, 12 hours ago
I love the Addison County Humane Society Shelter because it is a NO-KILL shelter; as well as being staffed by some of the most caring people possible. They have many outreach programs in place to help local animals.
  • frances Hutner
  • 1604 days, 13 hours ago
great care, humane care and no kill policy
  • Traceylynn Hommel
  • 1604 days, 22 hours ago
The Staff is the most animal caring people I have seen, and immediately put on an understanding demeanor for the sake of the animal and its human counter part. They also have a play area outside for exercise and fun for the shelter animals.
  • Joseph Rainho
  • 1605 days, 5 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1609 days, 4 hours ago
They do great work!
  • Anonymous
  • 1612 days, 13 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1614 days, 6 hours ago
Tons of great work on microscopic budget; imagine what they could do with some funds!
  • Anonymous
  • 1614 days, 13 hours ago