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Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue, Inc

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  • Davee S. Franz
  • 1596 days, 3 hours ago
Sarah at Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue rescued My Cousin Vinnie -- she called him VOA because he was found in the parking lot of a Volunteers of America shelter -- from the streets and kept him safe and loved until I met her at an adoption event. Vinnie wasn't at the event, but I was inquiring about a cat that, by temperament or by disability, could be kept within a five-foot chain link fence. Sarah had had Vinnie for over a year, and had feared that no one would ever adopt him, because, although he was a big ole lovebug, he was also a battle scarred and aging street tough (happily retired) with bald ears who could barely walk. The ear mites that had eaten the roots of his ear hair had also damaged his inner ear and badly impaired his balance. Vinnie came home with us when he was about eight, eight-and-a-half years old. Sarah had had him tested for HIV when he was first rescued, of course, and he had tested negative. Unfortunately, when my vet tested him a year or so later, he tested positive. It broke her heart, but poor Sarah was ethically bound to request that I return him to be put down. I refused, though, and we and the vet just dealt with it as a chronic illness, but it became more important than ever that Vinnie be contained within the fenced yard. My Vinnie was a wonderful cat. He got on well with my two dogs and with my other aging cat. Then shortly after Rascal died a year or so later, he became Uncle Vinnie to the tiny stray kitten that marched right through the chain link and demanded entry to the best room in the house. Over the years, some of Vinnie's ear hair grew back, and his balance improved enough that he could walk with a not ungraceful dippy sort of glide. He had quickly learned to use the doggie door, and was always able to go in and out at will, but he remained safely within the five-foot fence (except for frequent supervised outings) until he died around age fifteen of complications from the HIV. He's been gone about three years now, but Bratty Princess still misses her beloved Uncle Vinnie, as do the rest of us. Sarah and others at Mid-Michigan Cat Rescue work hard and tirelessly. They do an excellent job with very limited resources. I'm sure they could do wonders with a $15,000 donation.
  • Kara Hart-Negrich
  • 1598 days, 6 hours ago
  • Jean Gzybowski
  • 1598 days, 8 hours ago
They do great work in the area!