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Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption

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  • Thomas Boettcher
  • 1707 days, 22 hours ago
Lucky Lab Rescue is amazing group of volunteers who care for and love each dog as it was part of their family. I can not say enough good things about them and words don't seem to do justice to the job that they do. If it was not for them we would not have our third family member Bella.
  • Katelyn Elliott
  • 1707 days, 18 hours ago
They give dogs a 2nd chance at having the lives they deserve!
  • Jennifer McGill
  • 1707 days, 21 hours ago
  • Sari Lawton
  • 1707 days, 20 hours ago
Lucky Lab rescues dogs from high kill shelters and gives them a chance to have a home and a family to love them. They treat each dog as if it was their own and shows it the love it deserves. Lucky Lab Rescue is not just a rescue, it's a family!!

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  • Carl Schaffel
  • 1701 days, 15 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1707 days, 22 minutes ago
  • Julie Ward
  • 1707 days, 4 hours ago
LLR is run by caring individuals that work extremely hard to find forever homes for abandoned and stray dogs. They run on donations from their "LLR family" and could really use the help to continue their amazing work. There isnt enough room on this page to tell you what a wonderful organization they are! We absolutely love our LLR dog!
  • Katie Provost
  • 1707 days, 13 hours ago
  • Kelly Poti
  • 1707 days, 13 hours ago
My husband and I adopted our beautiful Lab through Lucky Lab Rescue. They save so many dogs that are weeks, day, minutes from being put down. They do an amazing job taking Labs in and caring for them, sick an all. They are an amazing organization that I can't say enough good things about.
  • sue ruane
  • 1707 days, 14 hours ago
Lucky Lab Rescue is such a dedicated and caring organization. They will go above and beyond to help dogs find their forever home. I am so happy I rescued Jake and Sugar. They are amazing dogs. Thanks to Lucky Labs my dogs are very happy and words cannot express how much I love them. Lucky Labs so deserves this money as every penny would be used to help do whatever is neccessary to help save dogs.
  • Anonymous
  • 1707 days, 15 hours ago
Lucky Lab is committed to placing these sweet dogs into forever homes this is a daunting task 24/7, very compassionate "humans"
  • Rob Madore
  • 1707 days, 16 hours ago
Caring, committed and organized.
  • Anonymous
  • 1707 days, 16 hours ago
They placed the most wonderful doggies with my friend!!!
  • Christine Madore
  • 1707 days, 16 hours ago
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