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  • Anonymous
  • 148 days, 11 hours ago
They've really helped with pet education, especially for my kitty!
  • Scott Williams
  • 148 days, 15 hours ago
The staff and volunteers at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society truly care about the well-being of the animals in their care. They are incredibly dedicated to finding perfect matches and forever homes for every pet.
  • Nikki Hronis
  • 149 days, 17 hours ago
We are a Life Saving Shelter-we no longer put animals down for space. We adopted this model a little less than 2 yrs. ago, and can't imagine ever doing it any other way.
  • Liz Horejs
  • 150 days, 7 hours ago
Oshkosh Humane Society is awesome. The staff takes great care of the all animals that come in and take the time to help prospective new families find the best fit for both.
  • Cathy Cummings
  • 150 days, 8 hours ago
OAHS is a great place with fantastic workers who care and love all the animals. They go above and beyond to provide a comfortable place for the unwanted animals.
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 14 hours ago
It's a great place, welcoming to both animals and prospective adoptive families. They really work on educating the public on responsible pet care.
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 16 hours ago
I am a volumteer at OAHS and have been for almost 6 years. I have volunteered many places by the staff is so welcoming and appreaciative of all of the volunteers. I do foster care for dogs and cats, clean surgical instruments and sterilize them when veterinarians do nueter/spays at our shelter. I also train new volunteers, do laundry stuff mailings and anything else they need me to do. I can't imagine my life without OAHS. I am paid in doggy kisses, and cats purrs. It is my passion and I am so glad that I finally found something and someplace so fulfilling for me in my retirement. Can't think of any other place that is so nice to its voluteers.
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 17 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 18 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 18 hours ago
over the top care and wonderful staff the best that there is!!!
  • Cheryl Rosenthal
  • 150 days, 19 hours ago
They are a Live Saving shelter. They give every adoptable animal the chance to find a new home without any time contraints and they never euthanize animals for lack of space. They go above and beyond to help people and pets.
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 20 hours ago
  • Jim Marohn
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 150 days, 21 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 151 days, 7 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 151 days, 7 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 151 days, 11 hours ago
They always try harder than anyone I know to help any animal. Good, good people
  • Jeannie Behlman
  • 151 days, 15 hours ago
  • pete krumenauer
  • 151 days, 17 hours ago
  • Gerald Payne
  • 151 days, 17 hours ago
  • Bob Leary
  • 151 days, 17 hours ago
because it's the best!
  • Anonymous
  • 151 days, 18 hours ago
  • Roger LaPoint
  • 151 days, 19 hours ago
They have a very caring & loving staff in a nice surrounding.
  • Deb Schmidt
  • 151 days, 19 hours ago
They are a "Life saving" shelter - they do not euthanize for space. Everyone there truly knows about animals & can give great info and advice
  • lavaune guenther
  • 161 days, 7 hours ago
because they do so much for the animals it does not even feel like a shelter when u are in there the staff is so helpful and can be very comforting when going thru the loss of a family pet
  • alissa joachim
  • 164 days, 7 hours ago
  • Sarah Grotegut
  • 164 days, 8 hours ago
This is a wonderful no kill shelter with truly helpful staff.
  • Angela Smidl
  • 165 days, 6 hours ago
This shelter is top of the line. It's always clean, and the animals are taken care of extremely well. They really care about the animals finding their forever homes. They have a-lot of toys and big beautiful rooms for the cats and gorgeous outdoor play/run areas for the dogs. Also, this is a no kill shelter, enough said.
  • Anonymous
  • 166 days, 7 hours ago
I love that the shelter is a "no kill" shelter. They find homes for all of the animals. I adopted my 2 cats from them and was very happy with the entire process.
  • Jamie Roovers
  • 169 days, 19 hours ago
They were so kind and the establishment was clean and there were not cats in little crates they were all separated by age in large rooms with many toys and activities to do. Absolutely love the establishment and love my two babies I got from there. I would definitiely recommend this shelter they are all so compassionate and are really there to help the animals!!
  • Janet Church
  • 172 days, 16 hours ago
They are easy to work with and very proactive in community.
  • Stacy Wirth
  • 174 days, 14 hours ago
This animal shelter provided a trap-neuter-release program to help reduce the over-population of feral cats. They also were so helpful, evening willing to take a stray cat in on their day off and willing to put in the extra time to care for all their animals. All the rooms the cats are in have tvs for stimulation, tons of cat toys, lots of places to climb and are simply huge! The dog areas are also big and the dogs are walked very often! Overall, a simply wonderful shelter!
  • Sally Farley
  • 175 days, 6 hours ago
They provide help for wildlife as well as for domestic animals. I found this out when I brought in a seriously injured robin. I would have not known where else to take it.
  • Marilyn Morrison
  • 176 days, 5 hours ago
We are a "no kill" shelter, and I have never seen a more caring staff - both administration and caregivers! I have worked as a volunteer for three years, and have had nothing else in my life as rewarding as seeing the cats I work with in rescue move up to be eligible for adoption....and go on to find loving "Forever Homes."
  • Colleen Edson
  • 176 days, 17 hours ago
They are a no-kill shelter, as they have many foster homes to foster them until adopted. They have puppy classes once a week. The are very active in the community. Great, clean, and very caring people and volunteers.
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 6 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 11 hours ago
Very Nice!
  • Barb Walker
  • 191 days, 17 hours ago
It is exceptionally clean. The staff are very helpful. My daughter loves to go visit!
  • Anonymous
  • 191 days, 18 hours ago
Everyone at the Oshkosh Area Humane Society is genuinely dedicated to and passionate about helping the shelter pets. They take wonderful care of all their 'residents'. We adopted the 2 females that we have from there several years ago, and they are wonderful additions to our home. And...they're not spoiled at all. :)
  • Dawn Wilson
  • 191 days, 19 hours ago
Their life saving project should be practiced by all shelters. I have been adopted by several cats from the shellter. The staff and volunteers are wonderful. Joni and Pat are the best!
  • Katie Hobart
  • 191 days, 19 hours ago
  • amy wiley
  • 192 days, 18 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 192 days, 21 hours ago
  • Stacey Paulick
  • 193 days, 5 hours ago
  • Bridget Palecek
  • 193 days, 8 hours ago
I love the Oshkosh Area Humane Society because they are a no kill humane society. They go out of their way to find homes for all the animals.
  • Janet Fendt
  • 199 days, 14 hours ago
I volunteer with the cats at the shelter. The staff is wonderful and is a no-kill shelter

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