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  • Anonymous
  • 1620 days, 21 hours ago
Carthage Humane Society,has the best crew,they are willing to help you out when you first come in the door. The crew even helped out Joplin,MO after the Twister hit. They all were tired,but they kept on til things were done. And still they are helping out Joplin,MO in what ever they need still today. I would like to Thank all that tried to save as many animals as possible,you all did a Great Job! Always Thanks #1 Animal Lover
  • Anonymous
  • 1632 days, 21 minutes ago
Carthage Humane Society has been outstanding in all manners. Their staff is professional and knowledgeable. Never ignoring or shifting a potential adopter, the Carthage Humane Society staff makes everyone feel welcome. Their animals are well cared for and their stories are easily relayed by the staff - they know who the animals are (by name), the animals' back stories, and the animals' personality traits. This humane society opened their doors to Joplin's animals when Joplin's humane society was overwhelmed by the tornado victims. Largely ignored by the public and media through the tornado disaster, the Carthage Humane Society has worked quietly and effectively behind the scenes. Any reunited Joplin tornado family only need ask for help and the Carthage Humane Society has such an outpouring of assistance to provide for that family. This humane society is a diamond lost in the shuffle of other popularity. Give them the accolades they so well deserve!
  • Anonymous
  • 1639 days, 11 hours ago
The Carthage Humane Society helped out Joplin Humane Society during the reent tornado. It seems as if Joplin is getting all the glory and the money for services they had help with. Carthage deserves cudos for all they did during this time. Carthage is a small shelter and went beyond the call to help.