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Sun Cities 4 Paws Rescue, Inc

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  • Adrenna La Marca
  • 1709 days, 8 hours ago
4 Paws continue to save the lives of homeless animals. Since 1996, 4 Paws has saved the lives of and adopted out more than six thousand animals. With an additional 112 cats now in our Senior Foster/Special Needs Program, we couldnít be prouder! 4 Paws couldnít have performed these miracles without support of the volunteers and community suppoort: Ginny, arrived at 4 Paws with a crushed left foreleg. Her leg was amputated. After spending a recovery period at a foster home, Ginny was up for adoption. We were amazed at how quickly she went to her forever home. She is an alpha cat with new friends. Ginny is a wonderful cat, who, because of donations has a lifetime to live. Max, a 4 Paws kitten, was born with a problematic birth defect. For the beginning months of his life, Max spent time visiting veterinarian specialists, who assured 4 Paws that despite his birth defect, he would be able to live the life of a normal kitty. This year, nearly three years after that pronouncement, the right person came to our shelter and fell in love with Max. Max is now a member of a multi-cat house hold, doing just as well as the doctors said he would. Trudy came to 4 Paws as a stray. She was covered with what appeared to be burns over the lower portion of her body. Her nail-beds were infected. The diagnosis was pemphagus foliaceous; a disease where the body literally attacks the skin, from the inside out. Trudy spent 10 months in foster isolation, undergoing treatment. Finally, she was allowed to venture out into her foster home, and become a cat again. This year, following another year of foster observation, Trudy became a member of a Special Needs Foster home. 4 Paws has retained ownership of Trudy, She returns to 4 Paws quarterly for veterinarian wellness checkups. Because donations to 4 Paws, her life is now that of a normal cat. Loved and adored, Trudy is safe in her new world. In June 2010, a gentlemanís best friend died leaving no plans for his 8 companion cats. The younger cats were easily placed. Not Old Guy. With so many rescue hotlines available on line, research showed him that 4 Paws did accept older cats for our Senior Program. Taking a chance, he called, and yes, we agreed to take Old Guy. And so, Old Guy was driven to 4 Paws from San Diego, CA. How fortunate for Old Guy, and 4 Paws that support and donations have earned 4 Paws such a positive reputation. Kittens, Kittens, and More Kittens. Kitten season began slowly, possibly due to the cool damp spring, but it hit 4 Paws with full force. In no time all our foster families had filled all available space with kittens. Fortunately, even our volunteers who normally donít take kittens-did. From day one, orphaned new born baby kittens and momcats with their litters, there didnít seem to be an end in sight. We wonder with orphan kittens left at our door, where is the mama, why isnít she here? Will she be spayed? Where is their father, will he be neutered? How long will it be before their next litter of kittens show up at our doorstep? 4 Paws continues to sponsor monthly low cost spay and neuter events at our shelter. In mid July a truck pulled into our parking lot, a child ran in to our adoption center and threw two tiny kittens in onto the floor, and ran back to the truck. The truck raced off before its license could be obtained. Because of on going support, 4 Paws became a safe haven for these terrified, precious, newly orphaned babies. 4 Paws does so many wonderful things for the unwanted, abused and abonaded fur babies, gives them a shelter, food, and loving care for the rest of their lives or until they get there own forever home. 4 Paws is primarily staffed with volunteers (mostly age 65 and above) and has minimal paid staff. 4 Paws provides community support for 6 cities in the west valley of phoenix, az. It is a wonderful and loving environment for all the fur babies that come through our doors.
  • clyde george
  • 1720 days, 22 hours ago
Because they do not sacrifice any lives and they give plenty of TLC
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