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Clay County Humane Society

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  • Charity McBride
  • 1628 days, 3 hours ago
Clay County Humane Society does great work at helping to find homes for unwanted animals. They also have an affordable spay and neuter program, and rabies vaccinations, so even the poor can own a pet. I love our shelter and the people who work long hours for little or no pay simply because they love animals. I think they deserve to win!
  • angie clark
  • 1629 days, 13 hours ago
They have gone thru some tough times. With employee's stealing money to not having enough room for the animals. Money is so sort here and our animals could really use this money for food and shelter. Good people that love ANIMALS :)
  • Melissa Higgenbotham
  • 1630 days, 3 hours ago
They are a loving, no kill shelter on a shoestring budget. The shelter employees sometimes do not even get paid in order for the animals to get the best care possible.
  • Josephine Latham
  • 1630 days, 14 hours ago
They treat their animals with love and compassion.
  • BArb Healey
  • 1630 days, 16 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1630 days, 21 hours ago
  • Jenny Moore
  • 1630 days, 22 hours ago
No matter how many animals they have, they find room for one more. I have had strays dropped at my farm and they are most helpful in taking them in. Much better solution as if they couldn't, many of these strays that people bring to country and drop off would starve, be hit by cars or shot to protect livestock.
  • Denise Weltzin
  • 1631 days, 2 hours ago
  • Anonymous
  • 1631 days, 2 hours ago
  • Lisa Webster
  • 1631 days, 2 hours ago
Brenda works 24/7 at the shelter and is strickly volunteer. The shelter is clean and really cares about the animals.