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Why Wolves Matter
Today, the greatest threat to Alaska's wolves comes from aerial killing or same-day land and shoot wolf hunting. Alaska Governor Frank Murkowski signed a bill in June 2003 that re-instates public "land and shoot" and airborne wolf killing. Hunters in planes can now use airplanes to search for wolves, "buzz" the pack, and chase them until the wolves are exhausted.
How I'm Helping and Why
"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." -- Edmund Burke

Dorothy Keeler My name is Dorothy Keeler, and I'm a professional wildlife photographer. My husband, Leo, and I have been actively involved with protecting Alaska's wildlife since 1991. We have appeared on CBS News "Eye on America" with John Blackstone three times in our efforts to help Alaska's bears and wolves, and now we need YOUR help!

Leo was appointed by former Alaska Governor Tony Knowles to work on a team with the Dept. of Fish and Game to help evaluate an alleged shortage of moose near McGrath. The Dept. of Fish and Game's goal is 30 - 35 bulls per 100 cows in a hunted population, but their studies at McGrath showed as few as 6 bulls per 100 cows in the areas slated for wolf control. Only one predator chooses adult bull moose... man, yet Alaska's wolves are being used as the scapegoats for widespread over-hunting statewide. That is part of the reason we are so passionate about this. We are hoping you are, too...

Defenders of Wildlife has been proactive every step of the way. Your support pays the bills so I will continue to see them at the Board of Game meetings to testify and take the legal steps necessary to stop this unnecessary slaughter.

I invite you to consider our history of defending wildlife (, and then see if you can find it in your heart to help us. One thing has kept us motivated all these years, and I hope it will motivate you, too.

If we do nothing... the wolves will die.

Please click on the red Adopt a Wolf Today! link at the top of this page, and join us! Defenders is offering an adorable plush howling wolf to help thank you for your kindness, but the real reward comes from how you'll feel inside...

My Personal Goal
I hope to raise $5,000 for the protection of wolves in Alaska.
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