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"If a single person protests,
there is only a little change;
but if many people act at the same time, miracles happen."
Peter Benson, founder of Amnesty International, 1921-2005

let`s be a voice for the voiceless!
let`s get a surge!

Why join this group:

one click- you have every week 50-60 new campaigns
one click- you don`t have to search the campaigns long time
one click- you don`t need much time
one click- you will see the campaigns by topic

                         New campaigns


campaigns for 
different countries

campaigns for Darfur

campaigns for middle east

campaigns for Tibet 

campaigns for 

campaigns for women campaigns
and                   Women action alerte

campaigns for humanright defenders

campaigns for indigenous and tribal peoples

campaigns for environmental campaigns 

campaigns for climate

campaigns for animals

campaigns for for whales, dolphins  

and  more

Give the campaigns strength.
All campaigns are online, you don`t have to write letters.
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