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Jessica Lunsford act 19 8 years ago
Jennifkesse/ Missing 4 9 years ago
Safe Calls2 1 9 years ago
Amber Alerts 2 8 years ago
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Keeping Kids safe/ Pleasee read this 2 9 years ago
No Justice For The Children 7 9 years ago
Great news 2 9 years ago
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{ else }   Blog: Two Main Lasw for Servents Against Child Abuse  
Blog: Hollys Law 
Hollys Law 
                         HOLLYS LAW

Federal Improvements to Existing Laws

  • The right to take DNA from all offenders charged with offences that we already take fingerprints and photographs for (any DNA legislative enhancement is a huge public safety plus)
  • Increased the minimum sentences for possession, distribution and creating of internet child pornography
  • Amend legislation to FIX the recently passed national Sex Offender Registry
  • Conduct wholesale review of how the Correctional Service of Canada conducts its business.
  • Reduce parole opportunities for offences aginst children
  • Make violation/breach of parole a criminal (and arrestable) offence punishable by the courts
  • Raise age of consent from 14 to 16 years old.
Provincial Improvements to Existing Laws

  • Attorney General to finally deliver on his promise of 5 million to help Ontario cops fight child porn on the internet
  • Attoney general to pass Bill 86-Rescuing Children involved in Sexual Exploitation into law (law has passed it just has to be proclaimed by a stroke of the pen)
  • Iincrease the use of electronic monitoring-(bracelets and anklets)

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  Blog: Jessica Law 
The face of an angel...

On the trial....

Jessica Lunsford Law....'s_law

On getting the law passed where you live....  [ send green star]

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