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Feb 21, 2010
Tonight on 60 Minutes they featured a relatively new to US technology. Bloom Energy will be available for household use in the next few years. It is already in use by Google, Ebay, Walmart and others on a commercial basis. It sounds great, I'm looking forward  to it being available for consumer use. It can be supported by solar, photo-voltaic, wind, bio-fuel, etc. I'll find out more and feel free to post what you learn about it as well. We will be able to use it in our back yard, basement and...  (more)
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Message: Reviving the group. Alternative Energy.  

Hi All,
My Care2 name is Andras C. I also want to say upfront
I am not trying to sell anything !
This is primarily aimed at the members of the alternative energy group but all other interested parties are welcome to comment or join the cause.

There are 131 members in th group. You must have joined for a reason! Lets revive this group! The topic is important and exciting.  What do you say? 
This is not just a cry for the planet, but each one of us could benefit directly and immediately from a cost reduction for the energy we use.

To kick off a little background.  I have been making my own bio diesel for about 6 years now. It seemed complicated and costly in the beginning, but I pushed ahead and now find it's easy and very effective. 

I designed my own "reactor" based on internet information. Set up a small testing lab and got going.

Have a look at my page for some photos.
I have made, on small scale,  several thousand litres of fuel for my own use. My cars love it, it's clean ( carbon emissions are less than10% of commercial fossil fuel.), also it is recycled plant oils which would have landed up in a landfill or worse, and it costs me about 1/3 of the pump price ! A real win - win all round.
Currently I'm working on other methods of improving fuel consumption, home heating and cooking fuel. Like ethanol mixtures and/or HHO gas injection.
So you see there is plenty of exciting things to talk about and develop.
21+ million members, there must be some smart people out there that can contribute.
Come on people! Lets do something measurable and useful to all.
Thanks for taking the time to read this,
Best regards - Andras C.

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