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This group is specifically designed to share ideas regarding Anti-Elitist petitions, rallies, marches, protest coordination, along with writing and calling campaigns. We realize the dangers for further loss of our human rights, ethics and freedoms!
Rethinking Globalization

Raven Nevermore


G-8 Meeting

"The Worldwide Anti-Elitist Movement" - Care2 Group:

This is a brand new Care2 Group listed under Politics & Government, so it is still quite under construction, but I assure you that it will become orderly and productive.

The standard Care2 Code of Conduct Rules seriously apply here on our group, so please remember that everyone is allowed their opinion and that only constructive discourse shall be tolerated; however don't be afraid to carefully word your criticisms of other member's opinions.

Our major mission is to create a global bonding active force against the greed of the controlling Elitists who don't give a thought to our human condition, and not to destroy each others' credibility in the process, because that's just 'not' the way to succeed.

*Please join and immediately invite your friends, then contemplate some interesting post ideas, news or whatever information you wish to share with us, in order to further the group mission.

Even if you don't intend to post anything, you can at least take an active part by joining and inviting your friends only, but we wish to encourage more than this also.

I have a vision and I will "show you the way", but it will require some work on every group member's part as a joint effort.

We will only be as successful as we believe ourselves to be, so negative failure attitudes are never welcome here . . . only constructive positive criticism only.

Remember it is you who are personally helping to establish and form this group into a viable activism tool on Care2, but also be advised that you are assisting in the formation of a worldwide networking effort to make a base-camp of active operations too.

So we welcome the opportunity for you to even post group suggestions, which will be viewed and decided upon under "Group Related 'Information & Discussion' - Read & Share" (and hopefully others will reply with comments).

Even if you are in favor of globalization, just realize that we are specifically against losing our human rights and our liberties that we may currently have from nation to nation (wherever we happen to be living), and we are in favor of establishing these human rights, ethics and freedoms to those who do not currently possess them.

If we end up as a globalized one-world government, then who assures us that it will not further evolve into a militarized dictatorship with human slavery as the final price tag???

So we must take action now, here today, before we lose this critical opportunity to make that crucial difference.

We truly appreciate your group participation and wish we had the time available to constantly let you know!
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