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This will be the Care2 community forum for artists that support the precepts of Peace, Non-Violence, Ahimsa, and Satyagraha. We are working in coordination with The Gandhi Institutes of Rochester, NY and Mumbai, India.
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Please join us in an online art adventure, featuring the Artists4Peace from the Care2 community. We encourage all artists in painting, sculpture, photography, jewelry, and experiential artists to join us. Join Us in the Artists4Peace Art Auctions Here
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Check out
Posted: Nov 25, 2007 11:00am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Message: Free Hugs Dude from AussieLand Needs Your Help NOW  
Many of you know this fellow. He's the gent featured in the Free Hugs Video(see the embedded version below, at end of this posting). Well, seems he needs some serious help in the moment. Read his note, and let's find someone in AussieLand that can assist with his situation, shall we?

Note from Juan Mann starts here...

I am in trouble and I need your help.

Ten thousand signatures on a Free Hugs petition is a walk in the park in comparison to the challenge I now face.

I invited the world to visit me at my home at Unit 12/30 Bucknell Street, Newtown, New South Wales, Australia 2042 and to date, I've had just under 80 guests drop by in the past 36 days, and received letters from all over the world.

Happy people sharing a happy moment in time, grateful to share a moment of their kindness with a stranger. You can check out the excitement at JuanMann.TV

Just like my landlord did.

My landlord found out and sent me some mail as well. Inviting guests into my home is considered "a security risk to the building and causing or permitting a nuisance to the neighbours."

Kindness as a nuisance, kindness as crime.

I am facing the threat of eviction.

I won't be allowed to rent another property.

I will be homeless.

Another man with a sign standing on the side of the road looking for a bed for the night.

So what I need, what I'm asking for, is a Free Home.

I have $9.16 and 21 days.

A home free of charge, free of cost: A safe place in the world that all are welcome into.

But who gives away a Free Home?

I need ideas - how can I solve this problem? Who do you know I can ask for help? Who can provide a free home?

I'm happy to hear all the answers, ideas and suggestions that you might have. This may be crazy, but with your help it just might work.

This is how you can make a difference today. Not just to my life, but the many people who have shared their company.

What I need, is a Free Home.

Here I am, hoping for the kindness of strangers.

Keep checking FreeHomeCampaign.Org for updates.

Juan Mann
phone:(+61) 416 730 891
visit: Unit 12/30 Bucknell Street, Newtown, NSW, Australia, 2042

And Now, for the video link.

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Check out
Posted: Nov 24, 2007 4:07pm | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Blog: A Peaceful Solution | Willie Nelson - Care2 News Network  

Check out
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