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This group discusses the teachings of the Bahai Faith, it's history, customs and beliefs.. The Teachings of Baha'u'allah "The Glory of God" Messenger of God for this generation and founder of the Bahai Faith.
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The Baha'i Faith is the youngest of the world's independent religions. Its founder, Baha'u'llah (1817-1892), is regarded by Bahai's as the most recent in the line of Messengers of God that stretches back beyond recorded time and that includes Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ and Muhammad. The central theme of Baha'u'llah's message is that humanity is one single race and that the day has come for its unification in one global society. God, Baha'u'llah said, has set in motion historical forces that are breaking down traditional barriers of race, class, creed, and nation and that will, in time, give birth to a universal civilization. The principal challenge facing the peoples of the earth is to accept the fact of their oneness and to assist the processes of unification. One of the purposes of the Baha'i Faith is to help make this possible. A worldwide community of some five million Baha'is, representative of most of the nations, races and cultures on earth, is working to give Baha'u'llah's teachings practical effect. Their experience will be a source of encouragement to all who share their vision of humanity as one global family and the earth as one homeland. For further information contact: Office of Public Information Bahá'í World Centre • P. O. Box 155 • 31001 Haifa, Israel Tel: 972 (4) 835-8394 • Fax: 972 (4) 831-3312 Email:
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