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As the United States of America is the most diverse nation of all, shouldn't all be represented as the voices of our people ? The Balanced Party is a party of individuals that share the same 5 principles for a stable foundation for their diverse values.
The Balanced Party Charter
National Party Charter

We, ( The Balanced Party of the United States of America), view that the US Constitution must be sustained; as any nation without principles is not a nation of strength. Further, that any action, law, or group of, that intend to suspend, or circumvent the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, is considered unconstitutional; and to not be recognized by our government, its institutions, and by the people. We view that the US Constitution and The Bill of Rights stands on their own without dependency or reference to any other document(s).

For the Balanced Party, the US Constitution, and the Bill of Rights as a single document, work as complements to each other. Their coexistence is viewed as a vital balance. This is where one's personal liberties and rights must be assured if to assure the security of the sovereign nation of the United States of America. We view that only in the personal freedoms and rights of the Bill of Rights can our government be assured to adhere to the Articles of the Constitution. And in this manner, to assure the sovereignty of the United States of America.

In this regard, we, the Balanced Party of the United States of America, in common purpose commit ourselves to five ( 5) principles for assuring the framework of the US Constitution and Bill of Rights for the strategic future of our nation:

1- Transparent and Accountable Governmentto serve the people of the United States

2- The Dignity of Human Rights to assure the representation of the people.

3- Balanced Tradeto assure our local industry, commerce, and jobs for the people.

4- Economic Solvencyto assure the national security of our United States

5- Foreign Policythat demonstrates standards of respect towards others that we as a nation expect from them.

We see that these five principles as no replacement, or substitute for the US Constitution, and not to be construed as amendments; but as the means to knowingly exercise and demonstrate through their practice, as standards, a way of life for our government, and nation as its people, for demonstrating the respect for the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

As diverse values can align to fundamental principles, we see that these principles through their active practice will sustain our nation; and are therefore also the basis for our party in history. This is while providing the common ground for individual differences and personal values as a republic as intended in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

Continued at Charter Source !

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