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1 day ago (55 replies) |
Last reply by Valentina : I just watched directed by Sean Penn biographical drama Into the Wild and really enjoyed the movie even though my life philosophy is different from those of main hero. As far as it is an adaptation of the same name non-fiction... more»
2 days ago (20 replies) |
Last reply by Mitchell : The library coughed it up, again, but the proper name is "The New jim Crow, Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness." Talk about the latest twist on American disenfranchisement, and slavery! ... more»
4 days ago (49 replies) |
Last reply by Mitchell : "Japan, 1941, Countdown to Infamy," by Eri Hotta, provides fascinating insights to the dysfunctional inner workings of Japan's political/military complex in the years before the Pearl Harbor attack. It details the history of... more»
4 months ago (93 replies) |
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