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We believe that Ronald Reagon, Abraham Lincoln, and John F Kennedy (JFK was a fiscal conservative) were some of the greatest Presidents that this country ever had. We believe in God, Country, and Family. We believe in Less Government and Freedom of spee
Hello Fellow Concerned Citizens of these Great United States of America,
     This group has been formed to fight against current government undertones of socialism.  WE do not want socialized healthcare, we do not want cap and trade taxes on emissions, we do not want "greener" cars just ones that are built to last.  We do not want the new CFL light bulbs, they are a hazard, they contain highly toxic mercury, and should not be allowed in anyone's home.  These new CFL lightbulbs are imported from China and will cost Americans their jobs.  We are against excessive government and state taxes on income, tobacco, alcohol, firearms and ammunition.  We believe in our Bill of Rights, our Constitution, and what our Founding Fathers stood for.  We support our Military 100%.  We believe that PETA should stand for People Eating Tasty Animals and that animal fur is very warm during these harsh winters.  Basically, I know this seems a little over done, but we are just good old fashioned Americans who want our country back and out of the hands of bleeding heart liberals.  Oh, by the way, there is no such thing as climate change or global warming either, try living in Ohio for a winter.  Oh in Anartica, the ice sheet on the east side is thicker than it was 10 years ago and has only thinned on the west side.  CO2 is something that every living being whether be animal or human gives off in one form or another and the plants need it to survive.  So there you go.  There is so much more but not enough room.  Please help us preserve what is left and fix what is wrong.  Thank you!
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