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Use FAQ-format to ORGANIZE news articles by issue, so that the citizen can get off the news treadmill and seize the initiative. Threads will answer Frequently Asked Questions -- e.g., "Does Iran seek nukes?" Focus on peace, justice, freedom.
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4 days ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: &nbsp;The Witch Hunt - and why it is still misunderstood and important at the same time <img src="!-!GJMDEK!-!zrzor45!-!PLFHISQH-LKML-HEGF-MPQI-GMOFEMFOGIHO/hexentanz.png" border="0"... more»
5 days ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: Coverup of Extensive War Crimes: 50th Anniversary of the My Lai Massacre By Dr. Gary G. Kohls and <a href="https://www.glob... more»
2 weeks ago |
ParsifalAWAY says: YOUTUBE IS DEAD Published by GEOFF BYRD on Fri, 02 Mar 2018 It's officially over. <img style="float: left;" src=""... more»
5 years ago (17 replies) |
5 years ago (12 replies) |
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