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We are a group of Christians coming together to study the Word. We believe that we are saved by the Grace of God through Faith. We welcome everyone who wishes to study the Word with us.

This is a group for born again believers who delight in the study of the Word of God. We will consider all things in the light of what the Bible says about it.

We do ask that when you post, you back any thoughts with the support of the Word of God.  If you want to simply debate various religious views or philosophies we encourage you to find a more compatible group since our focus here is Christian growth through the written Word of God.   That does not include catechisms of various denominations or theological dissertations, but only Biblical quotes taken in context.

We ask that you process the Word of God for yourself and post only your own thoughts, not someone elses.  We don't want to hurt feelings but we will be deleting those posts with doctrinal website links.

Songs and poetry and personal testimonies are acceptable, but the purpose of this Group is to promote personal Bible study, not to simply repeat pre-formed ideas. Let's study independently without following preconceived statements of theology.

We welcome you and appreciate your interest, and invite you to remain and operate within our guidelines.

Please no petitions or soliciting.

No rude behavior will be tolerated either.

God bless, and enjoy  Bible study with us!

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