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This group is concerned with the disabled, our struggles, lifestyles, how ablebodied people perceive us. Everyone is welcome tto join and comment.
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Message: Hello from Mette  

Dear friends,

I would like to introduce myself: I live in Denmark, Europe, so my environment and experience may be different from most of you.

Shortly after the death of my dear husband and colleague in the work for human rights, I got ill and found myself in a wheel chair.

I have been a member of Amnesty International (AI) since the early 60's, and thus have experienced how the organization developed from being an org only working for the release of prisoners of conscience to the present days' all round human rights org. 

However I have realized that in spite of all intentions about being an all round human rights organization, AI has not at all focus on human rights of disabled people. This is the main reason why I joined Care2. I think AI should - together with disabled organizations - encourage all countries to ratify the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People. Besides AI should - in connection with it's campaigns about human rights in different countries - draw special attention to the vulnerability of disabled people in crisis situations like war and (political) imprisonment. This is the reason why I have started a petition. I hope you will all join.

Over the years I have as a member of AI worked for children in prison, and for individual prisoners (not disabled!) in South Africa, Soviet Union, Tanzania, DDR (East Germany), Vietnam and many other countries. I have visited inmates on death row in a prison in Florida.

I have taken special interest in Mexico and as a member of AI I recently made a letter campaign for a wheel chair bound teacher who was arrested in connection with the teachers' strike in Oaxaca. He was treated in a very brutal and humiliating way. In connection with the Olympics in China I asked blind people in Denmark to join a postcard campaign for a blind Chinese human rights defender who is in prison for his defence for human rights and his protests agains the Chinese one-child policy.

However I think Amnesty International could do more, and I cannot alone change the policy of the org. Therefor I hope for your support. I believe AI could learn a lot from American organizations for disabled. You in America are far ahead of Europe when it comes to rights of disabled people.

Thank you for taking your time to read this.

God bless you all.


Posted: Aug 23, 2008 12:22pm | (0) | (0) |  
Message: Hello from Megan  
Hello from Megan. I use a motorised scooter for shopping and for getting around town on a day Im out all the time. I can walk short distances before getting short of breath. I so wish local authorities would improve the paths  in order than we can use them. Went with a group yesterday, and they were going across grass and toe paths, and it was bumped around because of the surface. But hey, I got the sun and had good company. I am delighted to find this group and look forward to chatting and making new friends.
Hope you are all enjoying the sun. I get around a lot better nowadays, and have had a bit of success with weightloss. Keep trying and allow people who really care to help. I used to find it hard to accept help, but now, I am really grateful for help of people who care.
Cheers and hugs

Posted: Apr 27, 2007 4:25am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Blog: Hi i'm Lisa S. from Westbrook ,Maine  
I'm a 41 yr. old women who has been 100% disabled now for 10yrs. was diagnosed with Fibromaligia and severe clinical depression. it's been a hard road as so many people know living with disabilitys today , we need to stand up for ourselve's to show we to have a say what goe's on in the world. i have 4 children aging from 17 to 26 and my oldest just went through major hell in his life with drug addiction as a results in dec of 2006 he had a dryg overdose and from that he got compartment syndrome in hid legs nearly lost his life but by the grace of god and so many prayers he is alive and struggling now his went through 7 suregerys to safe his legs however in the end lost his right leg and also has dropped foot in his left cannot walk i have been and will contuine to fight for his rights as a human to get the help he needs to live as comfortable as possible . the state says he is not dissabled and can contuine to do all he has done . please explain how they can say this? he needs a wheelchair and a prostethic and they say no we won't help pay. where can i go and who can i trust to help if i can't trust in my state?
Posted: Mar 21, 2007 5:51am | (4) | (0) |  
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