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by Kathleen F. (2 comments | 0 discussions) — Oxfam: Donate $.50 Daily until 3/31 for Free!Annually, OxfamAmerica hosts a Collegiate Click Drive where American universities compete to see which school can raise the most money for Oxfam.  Each visitor is allowed to make two donations per day ... more »

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{ else }   Message: Reusing  

We selected P&G only because they're big enough that if they chose to take this green step, its impact on our environment would be felt immediately.

In support of the City of Toronto's drive for 70% diversion from landfills by 2010, we say that the easiest way to achieve this goal and more is if the big makers of common consumer products like detergents,shampoos and creams offered the option of refilling used containers instead of picking up a new container everytime we need more detergent.

The smaller container shown in this picture has been used for over a year and we refill it from this other very well made "bulk" container which has an amazing spout that fits just right into the smaller container. No spills. So why can't this same spout go on a 50 gallon barrel in a retail location?

Big corp has argued so far that they pay 50% of our recycling costs( YOU and ME pay the other 50% ) but the point is recycling should be the last option when reusing is no longer possible.Recycling takes energy and causes emissions. Reusing does not.

If this makes sense to you, please sign and pass it on.

Posted: Oct 17, 2008 9:11am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Blog: Tazmanian Old-Growth Forest Destrustion!  
     Tazmania is clearfelling its native, old-growth forests at an
     astonishing rate and this continued destruction is affecting so
     much as a result. The true story of Tazmania's logging Industry
     is both devistating and unbelievable! Protected species are NOT
     being protected as forests are totally eradicated; complete
     felling of the area followed by the dropping of napalm means no
     life can continue to survive. The Government is
     allowing this, both through political corruption and continued
     funding (bribery) by the logging Industries, to happen.

     Please sign the petition and (hopefully) help...

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Posted: Dec 23, 2007 9:22am | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Alert: PETITION: Bio fuel production  
Action Request:Petition
Please sign this petition to tell Neste Oil to use locally produced vegetable oil for the production of bio diesel:

Also, please cross-post and tell your friends.
Thank you so much and have a wonderful day :)


Posted: Apr 1, 2006 2:12pm | (2) | (0) |  
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