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Sacred Texts

Evolution is a fact, not a belief.  Our universe is billions of years old, not merely thousands of years old.  There are many such errors and contradictions in the sacred texts.  Why?  Sacred texts are human’s interpretations of words of God or the words of the Prophets.  In most cases the Prophets did not write down their own messages.  In many cases sacred texts were written many years after the events.  Some of the recorded events are myths designed to emphasize important beliefs of the writers.  Ancient humans had no knowledge of the expanse of time, the vastness of our universe, or God’s Evolutionary Plan.  It is inevitable that humans would write sacred texts based on his misguided views of the world.  Humans make mistakes; we would expect that sacred texts would contain many errors and conflicts.  Stories orally pasted passed down through the generations almost always become distorted and exaggerated for emphasis.  Beliefs that sacred texts are absolute truths are a major cause of human conflict and animosity between otherwise good folks!  The Book of Revelations, in particular, should never been added to the Holy Bible by the Council of Nicea.  It was added to scare folks into believing in God; instead it has created great disharmony in the world and has prevented many folks from separating fiction from truth. 

Statements to be explored:

A.   Hypothesis

(1)   Evolution is God’s magnificent plan to create a progressive universe.  By setting up a set of universal laws, it allows for an emergent evolution from a singularity to the emergence of life forms and the eventual implantation of souls.
(2)  The plan is magnificent because it frees the Creator from the task of planning every detail.  The Creator can sit back and watch its beauty unfold and can alter its progression at a few crucial points.  The fate of the planet depends on what humans do to it, but God is pleased when humans choose the right paths.
(3)   Souls are quantum units of God.

B.   Hosts reasons to believe that God exists

 My metaphysical experience on a trip in Europe.
(2)  Evolution does not eliminate the possibility.  Many folks reject evolution because they think that it denies the existence of God.  They are trapped in a false box.
(3)  The design of the universe and the emergence of life are too perfect to have evolved by chance.  Intelligence must have been involved.
(4)   Humans have intelligence, but they did not create it.  Intelligent exists elsewhere.
5)  The Cambrian Explosion 0.5 billion years ago is a possible example of alterations made to the plan.  Life suddenly became more complex.  Simple cell creatures suddenly became complex and eyes in particular became prominent.  Suddenly all the basic genetic codes needed for man to evolve came into being at that time--example: the genetic code for arms and legs.
(6)  The extraordinary quantity of water on the earth is a great mystery.
(7)  Our unusually large moon rotates exactly once per revolution around the earth; thus, we always see exactly the same face of the moon.  Tides are vital for life.
(8)  The earth axis is tilted perfectly to give us the four seasons with all the wondrous variations in color.  Color and eyes are very special gifts.  The eccentricity of the orbit allows the temperature range over the seasons to be acceptable.
(9)  The implantation of souls in modern humans is another variation.  Consciousness in humans is outside of evolutionary process.  By what process was my consciousness place in my particular body?
(10)  While physics can explain many of these facts, the combination of them is extraordinary!
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