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Unfair elections occur worldwide--on every continent. As overwhelming as the situation seems, we CAN stop this fraud in its tracks. Residents of ALL countries (and members of all political parties) are welcome here.
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Disclaimer: Although I formed and named this group in August 2006, I feel that it is necessary to note that this group is not affiliated with the Fair Elections Now Act recently introduced in the Senate. It is an important step in campaign finance reform, and I support it, but this group is not tied to this legislation.
Because election fraud is not just a United States problem, citizens of ALL countries are welcome to join and share news, opinions, and activism ideas.


Ground Rules: [Updated - 29 July 2008]

  • Intelligent discussion is welcome. That said, anyone here to cause trouble (known as 'trolls' or 'FReepers' on many message boards) will be banned, and their posts will be deleted. No exceptions!

  • As unique human beings, we cannot agree on every single issue. If you wish to counter something that someone has posted, attack the issue, not the poster!!! Ad hominem attacks will be deleted. If the member is in good standing, s/he will receive a warning before being banned. If the member is a known troublemaker in other groups, s/he will be banned on the first offense.

  • Posts must pertain to elections and voting. All off-topic posts will be deleted.


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Latest Host Announcement:  Bill threatens dissent!
Dec 2, 2007
The Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act (S. 1959) passed in the House quietly and quickly this spring. Any day now, it is set to come up for a vote in the Senate and could very well pass without public outcry. Why is this bill so dangerous? It contains extremely vague language that could make any form of dissent--the very thing that gave birth to the United States--punishable as an act of terrorism. Coupled with the "Patriot" Act, S. 1959 has the power to...  (more)
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