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A group for people who respect the ocean and its beauty; people who want to preserve the ocean and the life that it contains.

Thank you for being a part of this community of people that want to help protect the ocean. The ocean is beautiful and it is the home of many creatures. To destroy it would be one of the worst mistakes that humans could make. This group is intended not only to raise awareness of ocean conservation, but also to help protect the ocean together. 

Feel free to contact me at any time!

Stay happy & healthy,

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by June M.
3 weeks ago |
June says: These alien-looking creatures were discovered by America’s Ocean Exploration Team on the seafloor near Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. The Puerto Rico Trench is deepest trench in the... more»
by June M.
1 month ago |
June says: The rewilding of two dolphins shows how animals kept at aquariums could roam free again. A new report on the successful rehabilita... more»
by Barb P.
1 month ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Barb : Geoengineering, Hurricane Manipulation, And Ocean He... more»
by Barb P.
2 months ago (3 replies) |
by Barb P.
1 year ago (2 replies) |
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