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A Petition for United Nations Sanctions Against America

This petition is languishing.  Unless something is done to put a stop to the rogue state that America has become, all other causes, crises, petitions and issues will remain unaddressed.  Without a unified global effort to stop it, which the U.S. is obstructing, global climate change will make all other issues irrelevant.  If the extinction event we are now entering is not mitigated NOW, many species, including our own, face extinction.

Before any progress can be made, America MUST be brought under control.Time is of the essence.  It is already too late to avoid many catastrophic changes in the near future.  If we hope to continue living on Earth we must keep it fit for human habitation.  Unless America can be made part of the solution instead of the source of the problem this will not be possible.  The suffering, death and destruction will be unimaginable.Please, sign this petition and send it far and wide to everyone you possibly can.     

A Petition for United Nations Sanctions Against America
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