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Our new group will endlessly search and board the broken-down old 'two-party' warship, then convert all survivors onto the path of the current Green Third Party objective, which is to assist in the selection of an election candidate for 2012.

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*This is a U.S. and International Green Grassroots Democracy in Action Movement.

- The future is what we make it!

To All Political Affiliations:

Our only hope for a brighter future does not lie to the Left nor does it lie to the Right, but rather it can be discovered located straight down the middle.

We are calling on all Americans from coast to coast to initiate an all-out new American out-cry for a selected Green Third Party (Independent) candidate designated for the 2012 elections!

We must paint the New York Stock Exchange GREEN and thereby producing a new and vibrant environmentally-safe job marketed economy.

Right now the Federal Budget Deficit of the United States has just exceeded $1.4 trillion dollars!

Failure is not an option here or else you can kiss all of your financial stability goodbye (whatever you may still currently retain).

Both sides of the aisle are robbing us blind and getting rich, all the while making far-reaching deals 'behind closed doors' . . . with each other.

It is already perhaps becoming too late, but we must still make our last stand here and now.

Eventually larger and ever more larger growing groups of people will become forced to GO GREEN THIRD PARTY and it is rapidly coming sooner rather than arriving later; however we can begin to see the dawn!!!

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