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Goddess Mari Known as Marian, Miriam, Myrrhine, etc., This particular Goddess seems to have counterparts in every portion of the world. The Original Goddess Mari group was Created on Yahoo March 17th 2002 I have decided to create a group here.
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~Goddess Mari~

Forgotten by most she is Known as Mari, Mariamne, Marian, Miriam, Myrrhine, etc., This particular Goddess seems to have counterparts in every portion of the world. In Egypt, Mer was the Goddess of Water and a symbol of maternal love. In northern Europe, Maerin was the wife of Thor. Please note the similarity to the name Merlin, a mage whose life was closely linked with the Grail, a potent water symbol. In Saxon mythology, Maerin was known as Wudu-Maer.

Mari dominated what is now known as the Holy Land until 1700 BC. Here, her name was often combined with the male aspect of the Sun to become Meri-Ra in Egypt, or Mari-Yamm to the Hindus. She was pictured as a great fish that birthed the Gods. This image was later translated into the mermaid. Mari is also one of the earliest versions of the trinity in that she was not only the Mother of the sea, but also the Earth and Heavens. As the Goddess of the Grove, she was Maid Marian to the Celts,beloved of Robin, an archetype of the Horned God of Witches. In Sumero-Babylonian traditions, Mari closely corresponds to Tiamat, the Goddess Mother whose name means deep or womb.

Even in Israel,Mari was once worshiped in her own right as the consort to Yahweh.

Even Christians continue to unwittingly pay homage to this mighty Pagan Goddess.Like her Hindu counterpart Kali Mari, KELLE was also known as Keli-Mary, one of the Goddess prototypes upon which the figure of the Virgin Mary was later modelled.

In Mangalore Goddess Mari is still Worshiped & in March Mari Pooja is held with great pomp and show.


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