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Join our crusade against the Fossil Fuel Age and help usher in the Sustainable Age. You can earn a nice living marketing Green Energy to individuals and businesses worldwide.
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"Join our crusade against the Fossil Fuel Age and help usher in the Sustainable Age. You can enroll your home and vehicles on Green Energy to do your part, you can refer others to us to learn about the renewable energy options available to them, you can earn a nice living marketing Green Energy to individuals and businesses worldwide, or you can become wealthy helping us build the world's largest and most respected renewable energy company. It is possible to create both economic and environmental prosperity. We'll show you how."
~Troy Helming, CEO

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First Wind Turbine Project Announced!
KP Featured as New Kid on the Block in NM Business Journal
KP Approved as EnergySTAR(r) Partner

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*FutureWindSM, the primary product marketed by Krystal Planet, includes a portion of the revenues going into a separate escrow account used exclusively to build new wind turbines. For every 5,000 customers enrolled on FutureWind SM, enough money is added to the escrow account to build a new 1.5 megawatt (MW) wind turbine every year. This wind turbine costs about $1.6 million installed, and generates enough power for ~800 homes for its 50-year life. Therefore, over a 10-year period these 5,000 customers will have directly contributed to the construction of at least 15 MW of wind turbines that will power 8,000 homes for 50 years.
*Wind projects built using funds from the Krystal Planet escrow account will be Krystal Planet wind turbines and will be maintained and operated by our parent company, Krystal Energy Corporation. Ecos can become eligible to earn overrides on all the energy revenues generated by every one of Krystal Planetís wind turbines.
*Krystal Planet is not an illegal pyramid, as our focus is on marketing and selling Renewable Energy Credits (or green tags) and a variety of energy savings and renewable energy products. Each Green Tag has its own serial number (they expire in 18 months from the time they are produced) and cannot be sold more than once. Krystal Planet uses an independent auditing firm to issue an audit report at the end of every calendar year tracking the serial number of every kilowatt hour worth of Green Tags sold by Krystal Planet.
Give Mother Earth CPR!
Join the C.lean P.ower R.evolution!!!

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    Focus:Animal Welfare
    Action Request:Petition
    HI everyone!!! Please sign this petition to help STOP the PHILIPPINE DOG MEAT TRADE!

    The link is:--->

    We have a 50,000 signature deadline to be reached by JUNE 30, 2007 which is less than three weeks and as i type this, sadly, we only have accumulated LESS THAN 19,000 signatures. We need the 50,000 signatures to put pressure on the Philippine government that our OUTDATED animal welfare laws need to be made stricter so its violators will be affected. Dog meat traders are only fined a measly $100 when they earn by the hundred thousands.

    We need 50,000 signatures by JUNE 30 so that this petition will be just in time to be presented for the Philippine Congress hearing session on JULY 2007.

    PLease help us by SIGNING this petition, SENDING THE PETITION to everyone you can reach and urging them to do the same ASAP.

    Thank you so much.

    again the link is:

    Posted: Jun 11, 2007 4:59am | (3) | (0) |  
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