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Understanding Hinduism, as the title implies, is all about getting to know more about this ancient religion.A group for members to learn, and gain spiritually, discuss the concepts in Hinduism.
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Hinduism is one of the oldest religions in the world and is the faith of over four-fifths of the diverse people in the vast sub-continent of India, the people of Nepal and Bali(Indonesia) and of million other Indians who have migrated overseas.

The word Hindu is of geographic origin and was derived from the name originally given to the people settled on the River Sindhu.It was corrupted by foriegn visitors to the word 'Hindu' and the faith of the Hindus was given the name 'Hinduism' in the English language.

Philosophic thinkers of recent times do not like to describe Hinduism as a mere relegion as they feel that this narrows it down and does not bring out adequately its great qualities of catholocity of outlook and free thinking , as even an atheist is not precluded from being a Hindu and no hell nor doomsday envisioned for the agnostic.It is therefore called Sanantana Dharma or the Eternal Relegion.Others call it a fellowship of relegions from its liberal absorption of the faiths of others.

The greatness of Hinduism is at once its complexity and its simplicity, and the fact that it permeates totally the life of every Hindu from the moment of his birth,be he a believer or non-believer, a scholar or an illiterate.It is for this reason that it is often said that Hinduism is not just a relegion but a way of life.

It is importrant to realise, before we delve further, that Hinduism is a rare faith with few do's and dont's postulated, but one which has many signposts showing the different spiritual paths avilable to different types of people.It accepts the reality that there are varying intellectual and spiritual levels in each one of us and all cannot therefore take the same path, although the goal may be the same.Hinduism therefore offers different approaches to persons of different aptitudes, depending on whether he be a philosopher or a poet, a mystic or a man of action, an intellectual or a poet, a mystic or a man of action an intellectual or a simple man of faith.This is a unique feature of the relegion as it permits the greatest freedom of worship and insists that each person must be guided by his or her own individual spiritual experience.It does not accept dictatorship in relegious guidance.

."Ekam Sata Vipraha Bahudha Vadanti" or "Truth is One but the wise see it in Different Ways"

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The Rasa of SoulFull Enlightenment is a record of my personal inward journey toward transformative and liberating consciousness. This group is intended to glean and share the wisdom, trials and experiences encountered along the way.

After delving deeply into the current state of worldwide affairs with a perspective trained on history and anthropology, I have realized that the only way to transform our societies is to transform ourselves.

I have been aware of my spiritual existence for a long time, falling into serendipitous pathways along the way, now I am channeling my effort toward a culmination of inward and outward awareness.

This group is a channel of dispersing the concepts of the journey to others.

I offer no path, merely motivation to find your own.

If I am successful in my own journey the highest gift I can bestow is guidance.

Please consider joining.....

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