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This is the place for the truth about what happened in the camps and that area! We can help with school projects or try and answer questions the best we can. Please... learn from your mistakes, because if you don't, they'll repeat themselves!
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I want to tell everyone that no insults will be tolorated in any of the following jewish, racist, sexist, ect! If any are said you WILL BE BANNED FROM THIS GROUP! If we think you've come back under another name, as pathetic as that sounds people do it, YOU WILL BE BANNED from this group!

Learn what you've wanted to really learn about the Holocaust.

Share what you know, share your knowledge.

We can help with a school project, or try and answer a question the best as we can. Just ask.

If we don't learn from our past, history repeats itself.

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Nov 26
Blog: Free Teaching Information On The Holocaust
by justin m. (0 comments | 0 discussions) — Free Teaching Information For Your Schools 11:25 AM A Teaching Kit for Grades 8-12"One Survivor Remembers" tells the unforgettable story of Gerda Weissmann Klein\\\'s six-year ordeal as a victim of Nazi cruelty. Klein describes her years ... more »

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