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PLEASE, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE They are threatening to demolish the Peter Pan House! Please sigh the petition to help save it from total destruction! Michael Jackson would be totally devastated if he was still with us!
I am writing this correspondence on behave of the late Michael Jackson.

It has come to my attention that the Moat Brae House in Dumfries is slated for demolition. This 183 year old Georgian mansion is more famously known as, “The Peter Pan House”. It is the very location that the Scottish genius and famous worldwide author, J M Barrie, first invented the characters in Peter Pan while playing in the gardens of Moat Brae, one of his classmates home back in the 1870‘s. Barrie later described the house and garden, adjacent to the River Nith, as an “enchanted land” where the story of the boy who never grew up took shape. In 1904, J M Barrie wrote in his published memoirs of Peter Pan: “Our escapades in a certain Dumfries garden which was an enchanted land to me was certainly the genesis of this work.” Sitting idle and neglected since 1997, the mansion has suffered vandalism, dilapidation, and dry rot, mostly to the internal fabric of the structure. The Loreburn Housing Association, with Chief Executive Ahsan Khan at the helm, has announced their intention to demolish the house. We can not allow this to occur! The inspiration and conception of Peter Pan might never have deposited wonder into the minds of our collective imagination if it were not for this house and gardens.

Already pledging support in this movement, and threatening to chain herself to the railings of Moat Brae, is the popular British celebrity Joanna Lumley. Recently, after a long, honorably fought campaign, Ms. Lumley succeeded in gaining justice for the Gurkhas to be allowed to settle in her country, which has gained her world-wide notoriety. Joanna Lumley is most famously known in the USA for playing the character “Patsy” in the BBC award winning comedy hit, “Absolutely Fabulous”. Alongside this fight for what is right, is Roger Windsor, the Moat Brae Trust Chairman. I have been in contact with Chairman Windsor and as this campaign is being launched to save this house from a dismal future, he is requesting the assistance of the United States to assist in spreading the word.

It is my intention to contact as many venues as possible that will afford Americans to become aware. We must not let something that would be a top priority in Michael Jackson’s life to experience the same demise he did. I implore you to “Help Save Moat Brae”. Please ask your viewer ship, in addition to yourself, to email if they/you would like to become involved. Please instruct everyone to write…“USA HELPS”…in the subject line when you email.

Thank you so much for any assistance you can provide. Let’s get this on the airwaves, both digital and cyber. Below is my original letter to Roger Windsor…in which he replied.

“I do not know why people are so misery bent on destroying the past. I have zero doubts that Moat Brae, a treasure, should be restored to its once hay-day glimmer. What a discredit that Michael Jackson is no longer of Our Earth. His complete life was enthusiastically committed to the enchantment of Peter Pan and the ideals that were attached. However, perhaps in death he can still help. I am positive once the surviving Jackson family hears about this act of desecration…they will come forward in an effort to assist with your fight to keep Moat Brae standing tall.

The Loreburn Housing Association requires a quick overview on how imperative moral obligation and legacy is to our youth. These heritages, riches of past, seed the imaginations of potential and prospect. Without these unique structures we jeopardy stagnation. Razing this foundation would be another illustration of the “me-me” culture that has so swiftly engulfed Our Planet. The Loreburn Housing Association should suspend its control in disgrace!

I have a subterranean love, compassion and admiration for Joanna Lumley that comes with no end. I will happily assist and support any cause that Joanna Lumley deems a necessary. With that said, I am not clear or certain what I can do to rally round, as I live in The United States of America, but I offer whatever you think I can contribute. Perhaps I could let our Television News Stations and Entertainment News Shows become aware of this plight? It might get attention brought to the forefront, due to my previous mention about Michael Jackson. In addition, if Joanna Lumley needs me to shackle myself to a structure in unison with her, I will gladly go purchase a ball and chain. There is nothing I will not do to help. I just need you to tell me how I can be of service to you.

The walls of Moat Brae are chatting and offer an abundance of wisdom to those interested in hearing their voices. We must pave the way for them to continue to speak!”

In closing, I hope you establish a way to assist in making this campaign heard loud and clear. It would be a fantastic tribute to the late Michael Jackson, from all of us, if we banded together and succeed in allowing this once majestic mansion to be restored to its previous beauty. If you decide to news spot this story, I ask that you please contact me, via any forum you choose, to let me know.

Thank you for your serious attention into this matter. Let’s make Michael Jackson proud!


Doncy Falvey

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