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Any one who loves Jesus and likes to talk about how good God is is invited to join. Even if your just curious about christianity you are welcome. Prayer requests, Testimonies, Godly Humor, questions about faith, etc. are all welcome.
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All the rules of care2 are applicable we are here to learn from each other and respect each others opinions, no abuse or nit picking will be allowed, every one that posts here is special, we are all learning and none of us are perfect. There should not be any denominational bashing, we are different but not divided. If you came here to Bash Jesus or Christians, you will be deleted. I am bold in my Faith, and I pray that anyone who comes here will be the same, or at least desire to be. If we learn from each other we will all grow, and be united in unconditional love. I pray that every one will be encouraged by the posts in this group. We are Blessed 2 be a blessing!!
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by Dana W. (0 comments | 0 discussions) —  If you go right now and read the headlines, you will see that... our troops are in need of some major prayers of protection right now.... AND so does the Country that we live in. For those of you that are on here, Right this moment, I ask you to... more »

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I know, I know. "There's already been one of these, it's called the Hippy age." Well, think of me as a Christian Hippy. Jesus is all about love. The great command he gave was to "Love the Lord your God with all of your heart, soul, and mind, and love your neighbor as yourself." I think we as Christians have seriously strayed from that. The point was never to build churches, have a stellar worship team, and buy new offering baskets. The point was never to scream hellfire and brimstone and scare people with the idea of sin and punishment. The point is to spread the love of Christ so that all may know him. The point is to reflect his love and glory for all to see.

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