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11 Good reasons why we should legalize marijuana...

#1 Marijuana is a safe substance that would promote a calming affect and eliminate anxiety in this psychologically challenged populace. 


#2 How many people have overdosed, blacked out, killed and ruined their lives while using Marijuana? 


#3 The American People voted in favor of Medicinal Marijuana to treat pain, it is non-narcotic, non-addictive, safe and natural.  


#4 We need to eliminate all of these unsafe legal narcotics and allow Americans the use of Marijuana to treat pain, nausea, loss of appetite, stress, and anxiety. It is a natural alternative used all over the world!  


#5 Marijuana would reduce the number of crimes and alcohol related deaths.  


#6 As a Billion Dollar Industry, We could use this income to alleviate our Federal Deficit!  


#7 As a recreational substance, it does not cause overdoses, alter your perception, tarnish your judgment, nor cause black outs! Can you say this about legal alcohol, oxycoten and morphine?


#8 Marijuana has several productive uses: a market for clothing, fabric, rope, skincare, recreational and medicinal utilization.  


#9 Marijuana doesn’t need to be distilled nor compounded in a laboratory, it is grown naturally.  


#10 Creating hundreds of thousands of jobs is what America needs NOW! America, only days from being in a depression, need to act fast because we don’t have time for our Auto Industries to negotiate when they’re going to create the new car of the future!  


#11 We would shave off billions of dollars of deficit by releasing petty criminals from our prisons.


What suggestions do I have to support this cause?  

To keep in mind conserving energy, prevent further global warming, and creating jobs, why not let it be grown locally? Let the citizens apply to be growers, not only will the government have a lucrative commodity, we eliminate the deficit and the need to transport the product, not to mention, give people a livelihood! Let’s keep it local, like the farmers markets!           


 Please be the change we want to see and vote on the website in the area of criminal justice causes.

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