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Ghost Dancer Inter-tribal City-state

An Indian Cooperative Association


The Native American Church of the Ghost Dancers, a registered 501c3  religious organization, is currently organizing an Indian Cooperative Association in the state of Oklahoma and looking to form the governing body of same, i.e. the council of nine. We are therefore seeking applicants for this position. Applicants must be federally recognized American Indians and willing to locate their primary residence in the City-state.


The City-state will be Chartered by the United States Dept. of the Interior and have the same sovereignty granted to a tribal government pursuant to US federal law. The principal reason for the cooperative association’s establishment will be to further the cultural and spiritual traditions of Native American ideology but will also include living in self-sustainability and balance with the eco-system and re-introducing a matrilineal clan based system commiserate with Native American traditions. The City-state will be formed under a cenobitic rule of community involvement.  Also per this acknowledged standard by the United States government will grant the City-state entitlements under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This would allow for petitioning for the rights to ownership of the wild Mustangs and Indian ponies, Bison, etc., per Article 24 of said Declaration. This could be perfected by a petition filing through the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. This can be done not only with the culturally viable animal life but with medicinal plants and minerals pursuant to Article 24.


Land acquisition for the City-state is mandated with the assistance of the Secretary of the Interior by federal law and will be acquired under an Indian Land Patent as needed. Other bureaucracies of the United States government are also mandated to assist an Indian cooperative association in its implementation such as the Dept. of Energy (the City-state will be powered totally by non-fossil fuel sources), Dept. of Agriculture, Housing and Development, Education, etc.


We are currently in need of a Public Relations volunteer(s) to assist us in gaining enough proper applicants of high moral character to perfect the above. Please contact Anumpeshi or Sintollo at 213-787-6839 and visit our website at


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