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Our world is Our Enchanted Garden. Our intent can return it to a place of inspiration for body, mind and soul. We are human spirits immersed within a natural world. Part Of It, not apart from it. Come, Let's Play Well together in our natural world!
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The natural world is our playground! Nature's creatures our playmates. We needn't struggle with the natural forces at work in our world. We can discover, through our play with nature, clues to patterning our lives in ways conducive to living in harmony with our natural surroundings and our natural companions.
One of the best places to observe this play in action is in the garden! Let's explore the many ways that Nature touches our lives, how we might better recognize these intersections and what, if any, messages our natural world offers to share with us.
Be prepared for magic and synchronicity to enter your experience.

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Blog: Where magic and miracles come from - the  
Where magic and miracles come from; the "space" between beginnings and endings!


Here I go trying something new again and finding new ways to share what I see as the magical world in which we live; a world we create in each breath and in which we're only just learning the consequences of our beliefs.

A new feature from "Clipmarks" allows me to copy and paste the code from a news clip I've made at their site. This particular clip is of great interest to me and is something I'd like to elaborate on. I imagine a world where we can help each other learn about how our dreams, desires and fears are manifested in our daily lives and how to work with our creative abilities to re-invent the world in which we live!

Check it out and see what you think;

 clipped from

 “Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. And that is because we are part of the mystery we are trying to solve.” – Max Planck, “father” of quantum theory

There’s a power that lives in the space “between,” that subtle instant when something ends, and what follows next hasn’t yet begun.

The mystery and possibilities of the space that connects two events has long been honored in the wisdom of traditions of our past. Native traditions of North America, for example, state that two times each day the earth enters into precisely such mystical realms.
Both are twilight moments
It is during this time, the traditions suggest, that an opening occurs in which profound truths may be realized, deep healings may occur, and prayers have their greatest power.
Regardless of scale, between the “beginning” and the “end”, there is a moment in time when neither one has fully happened. That moment is where magic and miracles come from!
  blog it

Check out the full article (link to; dream manifesto article is also at the beginning of the clip), and allow your mind to imaginatively explore the possibilities. Science is beginning to prove some theories that have been with humans since ancient times of long ago. To some the concept seems frightening, to others it seems implausible. To many it feels threatening.

I suspect that when we humans are able to untangle our emotions and our beliefs about the world around us and see through the smoke screens built into our "Modern Lives" a promising new world and a new way of living will emerge for us all!

The magic of the moment IS special... by "playing" with the concept we can help each other learn to put this powerful tool into action in our daily lives!

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Blog: Inspired to Create In Memorium To My Brother  
Inspired to Create On Behalf Of My Brother;

In Memorium for My Brother Willie

The cards traditionally provided to bereaved guests don't really appeal to me. I created this to use for my brother's simple service and am working on a eulogy for Saturday. This image will be applied, like a boiler plate, to the inside bottom of a 1 fold card. The words "In Loving Memory" in the same script & colour as the large Willie on the boiler plate image will be printed on the front page.

I'm pleased with how this turned out.

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Blog: Celebrating Spring and the Practical Magic of the natural world  

This is one of my favourite messages from "the group" through Steve Rother at Lightworker. It is what encouraged me to continue to follow inspirations and nudges and "inner knowing" and to watch for the magic in every day. to explore the principles of practical magic as I see it in the garden, the world around me, in nature and in each day as it unfolds! In the natural world the "magical" unfolds effortlessly! Young children practice practical magic naturally and they and the natural world are our best teachers in the art of magic!

Some scoff and say "It ain't so!" I'm here to say "IT IS so!" Approach your day and each challenge you face anticipating magical results and they will be yours! It's so simple that it becomes painfully difficult to explain to people in a way that stands up to critical thinking processes. Drop the critical thinking for just a moment and you might catch a little glimpse of what the magic really is. If you're lucky enough to have young children in your family and you can observe them playing with wild abandon you will see the magic in action - they use practical magic naturally - and adults can too if they but give themselves the chance!

Give yourself the space to remember what you knew without question as a child and bring that wonder back with you - into your current experience.

Greetings from Home.

Dear ones, as you look around you clearly see the magic in each other’s eyes, but you do not see the magic in yourself. Do you understand the important piece of the puzzle that you are? You are the ones who put themselves in a timeline to play the game. Let us share with you our perspective of the human experience. Before we do, we will begin introducing some concepts about the timeline in which you have placed yourself. One was introduced in our work some time ago that we called “Walking Backwards in Time.” We will walk backwards in time at this moment and give you something from the very end of this message. At the close of each message, when everyone is wiping their eyes and assimilating the energy, one of the tasks the Keeper does is to label the message with a descriptive title. It is part of his work. Since we are walking backwards in time, we will give you that name in the beginning. The name of this particular message is “The Keeper’s Secret.” Oh yes, there is an internal dialogue going on now. The Keeper wants to know exactly what we will reveal. We will make him wait, as we are truly walking backwards in time, are we not?

Illusion of the Linear Timeline

So let us share with you our vision of what a timeline looks like. You are infinite beings; you have no beginning, you have no end, and you have no separation between each other or between us. To play the game of re -membering it was important that you hide that fact from yourselves. So as you walk on this Earth it is done in a field of polarity, in a field of definition where you can define yourselves as creators pretending to be in a physical bubble of biology. In order to do that, a part of you must become finite. You must have a beginning and an end and place yourself in the illusion of a linear time frame: past, present and future. Those are illusions, for at Home you will soon understand that none of those exist. It is possible for us to jump anywhere in the timeline that we choose. We are in what you would understand to be circular time where all things are wrapped together and simply choosing where we wish to be instantaneously places us at that point in time in the illusion of your linear timeline. When you understand these simple concepts, you will start understanding the reality of what you call “time travel.” At this moment the truth about time travel is still slightly too simple for you to comprehend. Still, it is not as far removed from your reality as you would think. Those things are visible more easily today than ever before because of your recent advancements and because of the changes that the collective vibration of humanity is making on this Earth at this time.

Destination Orientation

There is an illusion that happens as a result of placing an infinite being into finite form to play a game on a linear timeframe. It makes it very difficult for humans to grasp their true nature in relation to time, and we will speak of that today. Your illusion of being in this linear timeframe makes you believe that you must arrive at some destination. You are always looking for the final answer. You are looking for the destination that you intrinsically believe will bring you everything you think you are missing. You are looking for the one time when you reach this destination and you have it all together. When I have that car, I will be happy. When I have the house big enough to support me and my family in comfort, I will be happy. When I have the job that pays me enough money, I will be happy. That is the illusion created by playing the game in a linear timeframe. What if we told you there were no destinations? Please understand that the moment you realize any goal that you set, it loses its effectiveness and in fact, you lose the magic of creation. We do not ask you to reach any level of vibration so that you can ascend into heaven. That is not the purpose of why we are here. We are here to help you understand the magic of the journey. To help you understand that what you are doing here at this moment, today, is much more important than any destination you may reach.

What we would like you to understand is that the linear timeframe creates unique opportunities along the path for you to connect with your higher self, with the spirit part of your being. Imagine that these are the holes in the veil that occasionally allow you to see and re-member Home. But spirit, being in circular time, does not have the same illusion that you do and therein lies the communication gap. If you can imagine that part of your being is in spirit and part of your being is playing this game in the illusion of a linear timeframe, you will understand the concept and why we have such difficulty helping you to re-member who you really are. Trying to introduce some of the concepts and reflect your own love and your magnificence while you are playing this game becomes very difficult because of these different relationships to time. You believe that when you set a goal and strive toward it you will reach the goal. We tell you that whether you reach the goal or not is unimportant; it is the act of setting your creative abilities into motion that connects your spirit to Home. That magical moment you harness the Universal power of creation is the single moment that all possibilities are real. The very moment that the goal is reached, a part of you dies.

Why Am I Here?

We are not asking you to eliminate goals. What we are asking you to do is to understand that the magic of creation lies in the moment that you visualize the goal in the first place, followed by the creation process. That is when you create a universe around you of possibilities. We ask you, which ignites that spirit part of yourself more? Realizing your highest dream, or dreaming about your highest possibilities? When this creative power is activated you become the center of your own universe and an entire universe begins to magically construct around you. All is created around you the instant that you have the courage to conceptualize the possibilities that lie ahead of you. By your very nature you are creators. You are the sons and daughters of the king who are playing a game of hide and seek. Many of you ponder the question “WHY AM I HERE?” We share with you that you are here to experience those moments of creative potential. It is not the realization of potentials or the attainment of a vibrational level that makes the difference; it is the act of creation that gives your soul purpose. We therefore ask you to look for ways of enjoying the ride rather than looking to where it takes you. A focus of enjoying the daily journey is a key in viewing your experiences on Earth from a perspective of spirit in circular time. This is utilizing fifth-dimensional attributes in your life this day. Keep in mind that from the perspective of spirit, it is the dream that is real. Humans have always had a problem with reality, as you continually think it is real. We think it quite humorous that you are confused by an illusion of your own creation. The magic is in the dream itself and expressing it as a creation in your linear timeframe. At that moment all realities everywhere come together in the grand circular timeframe of spirit and start aligning energy to form a universe around you that will support your creation. History is rewritten, new future potentials are aligned, and the stage is set for everything that you will need to set a new creation into motion. This is what we mean when we say that you are the center of your own Universe. Act accordingly and you will own your true heritage.

“Harmony”: an Infinite Concept

You are a product of the Universal Energy and you work in harmony with Universal Energy. That is the connection that blends all hearts together as one. That is the connection that makes us a part of you, you a part of us, and you a part of each other. That is a truth that cannot be denied, although some of your governments do not think so, for you consistently see yourselves as separate from each other. There are even times when you are scared of your own shadow when you see it. You are beginning to change that, for even as the divine discontent is squeezing the energy together and making those things that used to be comfortable, uncomfortable, it precipitates the change that is necessary for you to see yourselves as infinite beings. Just re-member: Infinite beings cast no shadows.

Infinity is not a concept that you can currently hold in your own brain, for you are of finite nature; you are playing the game as finite. You are in a physical body that carries finite properties that help you to forget your infinite self. We tell you, infinity encompasses everything. It is All That Is. There are no words to define it, as even your languages are finite. You use the concept of “being without beginning and without end” to describe the concept of infinity. Imagine that point where everything blends together as one and that part of you that sits in this chair here harmonizes and communicates with that part of you that sits on the other side of the room. This harmony is what connects the higher self with the lower self, the spirit self with the physical self, and the finite with the infinite. When any one of these pieces expresses their spirit, the sparks go out in all directions. The magic of harmony begins. The possibilities start stirring and the creative energies flow and ignite the Universal Energy. Everyone is fed from that ignition. Everyone is fed at that moment of creation.

Fluid Creating – Creating in Circular Time

Enjoying the journey of creation means learning to view the process from a different perspective. As mentioned, the destination is the conclusion of a creation. In fact, it is much like a good book. Imagine yourself reading a wonderful book that stirs your heart, enjoying every minute of it and you cannot wait to get back to this book to read the next chapter. You then turn the page, only to realize that you have only 10 pages left. There is a sadness that comes upon you. When you get to the last page, you almost do not want to read those last words because it will be like losing a good friend. And in many ways, that is what happens when the creation comes to a conclusion. What we suggest here is to emulate the infinite creation, and in place of attachment to outcome, find ways to alter the creation to keep it in a fluid motion.

Many of you have learned over the years to set particular goals and to be specific about those goals. To be specific about the points on which you are going to measure the attainment of those goals. Up to this point in human advancement this has worked very well. Now we are beginning to ask you to change some of that thinking and to visualize the possibilities of a fluid creation always in motion, not attached to any outcome. It is the attachment to the outcome that places it so rigidly in the linear timeframe. Learning to create with your infinite self means working with creations that have no end. Enjoying the ride is one such creation.

You are becoming fifth-dimensional beings. You are grasping more of the fifth-dimensional ideas and concepts every day. You are using them in your life, which is the purpose of what we call the Practical Magic Series. Giving you concepts that can help you use this in your daily lives is why we are here. One of the concepts we are going to ask you to consider with your own discernment is the idea of a fluid creation, constantly moving. As you see things that are to be added to that creation, add them to it; and if after trying them for a while, they do not work, take them away. Being attached to your creations or visualizing an outcome in the higher vibrations of the New Planet Earth will now actually have the effect of negating much of the magic that is inherently yours. Dare to dream. Dare to own your creations. Dare to play, and if at any moment you are not enjoying the process, dare to re-create. Dare to make mistakes with your creations. Do you have any idea of the re-action we have on this side of the veil when you make a mistake? Many times you are chastising yourself, saying, “I am smarter than that. I knew that. Why did I do that? That was silly of me. I will never do that again.” You try to plant a seed somewhere in your own linear time frame that says, “If this ever happens again, this seed will activate and I will not make the same mistake twice.” We are on the other side of the veil applauding you for a beautiful mistake, not because of an outcome that was reached by accident, not because of a negative event that happened, but because you are in an evolutionary process that now changes from one second to the next. As you move from one vibrational level to the next, it moves with you and you start to change those creations more fluidly every day. That is when you start creating in circular time. That concept will open more doors for you now than you have ever had before.

Creation vs. Being

We know there is confusion. We know you do not necessarily know the dividing line of when to allow and when to create. We know that you are confused by the concepts sometimes, for many people are saying, “At this level you create and at this level you only have to be and you have to do nothing.” Much of this debate is semantics, for we consider a state of being to be a creation. Thus, to help you answer your own question we have a single question for you. The question for you to determine when to allow and when to create is, are you happy? Are you happy being? If not, we ask you to have the courage to create again—to make another choice, to dream another dream, to set something else into motion and create a new universe. That is what excites your spirit. That is what brings hope to spirits masquerading in physical bubbles of biology.

God Pretending to be Finite

Many of you have asked for rejuvenation. You think that there is a level you will reach where you will start going backward. Please do not try to ‘save’ your body as if it were something that gets used up, for that reinforces the finite properties of the physical rather than the infinite properties of the spirit. In the past it has often been that one works hard all of their life looking forward to the day they retire, only to leave the Earth game shortly after retiring. Many times it is simply a case of losing their motivation to express their spirit. When you express the infinite self, or the spirit self, in physical form, you activate true rejuvenation. You are not defined by how young your body is when you return Home. You are defined by how you express your spirit in human form. That is when the timeline starts wrapping around and becoming circular. At that point, you understand fully the entire concept of walking backward in time. At that point, time does not have the same features that you believe it has now.

Each step along that timeline is God pretending to be finite. If you can learn that each step has magic, and learn the art of finding that magic in each step, you will master the journey of creation. Change your perception and you change your reality. It is not about what you have accomplished or what vibrational level you are or what degrees you have or how much money you make. Are you happy with the process you are in today? Now we are going to share with you a universal truth we have shared with you time and again. This truth is so simple that most humans will not be able to grasp it, yet we will share it with you now. If at any time you are not happy with the reality you have created . . . have the courage to choose again.

The Centered Spirit

Some of you may think that is very self-centered and we tell you, yes, it is, for being centered in your own energy first is the Kingdom of Heaven. In this state you allow the universe to be built around you, not as a lone island but as a unique part of God. And in order to express that in the human spirit, you must find the center of your needs. Place that first and everything else will fall into place very magically. You are moving forward at a very rapid pace, and in the near future, how long you live will not be important for it emphasizes the finite being. You are not defined by the number of breaths you take. You are defined by the number of experiences that take your breath away. You are the creators. You are the loved ones. You are the chosen ones that have agreed to play the game for All That Is and to represent heaven in the linear timeframe on Earth.

Keeper's Secret

Ahh, but what about the secret? For just a moment the Keeper thought we forgot. We do not forget. He is concerned, for many times we have embarrassed him by telling personal stories in front of hundreds of people. We will not do that today because the Keeper’s secret is not about the one we call “the Keeper” who carries this message. It is about your fluid motion through this timeline as you move through creations. In the form of fluid creating, without attachment to outcome, how does one hold on to their creations? Even though infinite creating is not about accumulating, there are creations you will choose to keep. In fluid creating how does one keep anything? Ahh, there is only one way. There is only one way to give actualization to any moment in that fluid timeline and that is in order to keep anything, you must give it away. For you to be the keeper and keep anything, find a way to ignite others. One of the wealthiest men on your planet—and we do not just mean in money—had a formula for success that worked every single time and he gave it away freely. He said the easiest way for you to get wealthy is to find ways to give people what they want in their lives. A very wise man, for in order to keep anything, he found ways of giving it away. Many of you watching this and in these rooms are healers of great magnitude and teachers. You are wired a certain way. Some of you do not have the ego to stand up and say, “I have something of value,” although we are working on that, but you have valuable knowledge. There are times when you learn something in your own experience as a great epiphany and you go, “Ah ha!” At that moment the first thought you have is how it applies in your life and the second thought is “how am I going to put this in a box and give it to somebody else?” These are the teachers, and they are wired in such a way that the way they learn is to teach others. These are great souls. The Keeper’s Secret: To keep anything, find a way to give it away. Find a way to offer it; find a way to spread that light, for it is not the destination; it is the motion of traveling light. It is the motion, the movement of creation energy that defines you in human form as the most beautiful angels who have ever played the game.

We know this is not an easy part for you. We know it is difficult at times. We know you wear the veil and even as enlightened as many of you get, you get so sensitive that you look in a mirror in your rooms and wonder who you are and what you are really doing here. We know that there are times you ask, “Is it real or did I make it up?” The answer is that you are making it up. Please continue. That is the truth of the matter. That is reality expressed in a linear timeframe.

The Secret of Creation

The secret of creation in your Earth game is simple, as is all core truths: Life is a self-fulfilling prophecy. Now that you know the answer, you may want to re-phrase the question, for all of life’s answers are held within each and every one of you, accessible at a moment’s notice. Since your answers are within, you have only to re-member your questions. You are the expression of God in finite form. You are the infinite angels playing a game on a linear time frame, pretending you are only going to be here a short time and that you have to accomplish something during that time; always looking for what you were going to do when you came here. What if we told you that your highest outcome was to be happy, now? That would make your higher selves happier than you could possibly know. That will bring about the new field of triality. That will bring about the connection with the higher self and the dark and the light self. The field of polarity will now wrap around and bring in a field of triality in which you will play the next stage of the game. In that field, creation of everything will be fluid. It will start beginning creation in a circular time frame and you will understand the true meaning of happiness. Create often, dear ones. Enjoy the ride.

We tell you, when you come Home, you are not going to be asked questions about what you accomplished. You are going to be asked two questions: Did you dance in your passion? Did you play in your joy? We wish you a joyful journey. We hope you dance through life at all the opportunities. In those moments that come, when you feel sad, know that this sad, human feeling is a joyful expression of the creator in the linear timeframe. If you can, learn to understand that even in those sad times there is real beauty to be found. Even in those times when you feel lost and cannot see who you are, the greatest of all possibilities of all creation are there, waiting for you. Know that many of your greatest pieces of art were motivated out of the depths of a depressed spirit. And if you ever find yourself in despair or you find yourself over the edge with joy, breathe it in and know that both of those are expressions of the human spirit of God playing a game in a physical bubble of biology. Try as you might, you may never re-member exactly who you are or why you came here, but it does not matter. Instead, experience the joyful journey. Touch each other often to re-mind each other of Home, for you are the greatest angels of all.

Re-member the Keeper’s Secret. Re-member the beauty that you are here to use. Re-member that you are here to touch one another. It is part of what you have come to do. And even the angels in heaven cannot touch you the way that you can touch each other. Take the job of the Human Angel and work with each person one at a time and heaven will be on Earth sooner than you think. We are so very proud of you, for we know the difficulties you have with the veil. You are making a difference today, and we hope you understand the joyful journey, for that concept alone may take some of the strife off of planet Earth.

It is with the greatest joy that we ask you to treat each other with respect, nurture one another at every opportunity, re-member that it is a game you are playing, and enjoy the joyful journey. Play well together.


the Group

Special Request
Copyright 2005. Steve Rother. This information may be freely disseminated, in whole or in part, provided there is no charge for the information, and that this notice is included. This material may be used with the condition that all rights, including copyrights of translated material, remain with the original copyright holder. Further information from the Group may be found at:
Thanks for helping to spread the Light!

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{ else }   Photo: An Introduction to my world  
   Here's something to help people get better acquainted with the work I do. It's work that comes to me through hunches, and nudges from an inner voice.
I'd like to share with people the inspired photography and artwork which I surely hope you enjoy, and more; the way these things come about in my experience.
It is an exciting exercise of learning to listen to inspiration, learning to be in my bliss, and activating a connection with a source of information available through; "my higher self" if I must place a label on where these things seem to come from.
   The biggest surprise I have encountered in my experimenting with my digital camera has come when friends view an image somewhere and they've come back to me mentioning; "Wow - you have no idea just how special that was..." This has happened very often. It's as if the camera is guided, through me, to a subject that someone else is in need of viewing or experiencing somehow! It is quite an interesting experience for the person viewing as well as for me!
   In other situations the images that have come to be have seemed to be as a result of conversations or events in real life that just seem to connect with something I manage to frame in the view finder. I have been able to capture shots of a few birds that, after several failed attempts, I simply expressed the desire that the subject had still "for just a momment" to let me get their image. And sometimes I'm not even certain I've gotten something special until I get back to my computer and upload the image so I can view it in a larger format. That's when I often surprise myself with what the camera has captured!
  If you're familiar with the sensation of goose bumps when you've encountered something that seems "odd", "weird" or out of place with your usual assumptions of the world around you then you're somewhat familiar with what I often encounter when I'm playing with my camera, my images, and with the natural world around me.   And that may be the most enlightening thing about the process I can offer to any other people who may also be exploring the world of creativity. It is more like a game of hide and seek than it is a determination to acheive something specific. There is a state of playful abandonment that I enter, a sense similar to what young children do quite naturally - and in that state of mind things just fall together in a magical way. It's an adventure of sorts for me, exploration in the world of creative expression.
   I am very greatful for these gifts of sight and exploration, to be able to set my adult "ego" aside and allow inspiration to guide me - to be in the right place at the right time - to ask and then receive the nudge that brings things into being somehow. It is magical and a natural mode of operation for people who work in the arts or people who are focused to find the way to express their inner knowing in some way. I'm only touching the tip of the iceberg in my own experience with this process and I enjoy realizing I have a whole life ahead of me in which to continue these experiements!
   May you find the bliss that can put you in touch with your soul's desires and opens a channel to a higher understanding of who you are in this incredible adventure we're all living; as human spirits immersed in a natural world!

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