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We live in one of the freest and most prosperous societies in the history of mankind. Yet all around us our freedoms and our prosperity seem under threat. How did this state of affairs arise and what can we do about it?  

                                  Peter Francis Fenwick

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29 min ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Thomas : I am not saying you are wrong but if you conservatives would look into and study your Republican candidate, you would see the in 2016 nobody wins. We need to throw every body out of office and start over. undo all of the... more»
2 hrs ago (4 replies) |
Last reply by Diane : LOL, Thomas!     Thomas, can you imagine Bill actually living in the White House as the lowly worm?   It will not happen.   ... more»
4 hrs ago (10 replies) |
Last reply by Diane : Not an ounce of common sense between the two of them. ... more»
9 hrs ago (9 replies) |
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