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11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

 Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
 American Exceptionalism
 The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision
 Lower Taxes
 Limited Government
 Peace Through Strength
 Belief in the Individual

Group Discussions
by John W.
21 min ago (9 replies) |
Last reply by John : Linda, The problem with Labour is that they are far more interested in the rights of immigrants and muslims.  They despise the average English working class christian! We have had halal meat forced on us. Plus they are... more»
9 hrs ago (6 replies) |
Last reply by Margaret : Thank you, Diane.  This is an excellent article and so well written.  It is not often we are blessed with not only correct English, but a great vocabulary as well. Sarah really sees it like it is and pulls no... more»
11 hrs ago (13 replies) |
Last reply by Margaret : Oh my gosh I'm the host.  Well I have been many times and really enjoyed it. Tara I'm with you - Never shopped on Thanksgiving or Black Friday and I LOVE football.  But also enjoy having everyone around and happy.... more»
15 hrs ago (7 replies) |
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