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11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

 Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
 American Exceptionalism
 The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision
 Lower Taxes
 Limited Government
 Peace Through Strength
 Belief in the Individual

Group Discussions
by John W.
3 hrs ago (15 replies) |
Last reply by Linda : John, Putin is 100% a communist; nothing has changed in Russia except they lost all the countries they had "gobbled up" and now he is trying to get them back; Ukraine being one for certain. Great information and thoughts,... more»
3 hrs ago (2 replies) |
Last reply by Margaret : Boy did you put it all in one package.  I'd laugh, but............... Love the way you think. By the way I watched an excellent program on Frontline - PBS today called Loosing Iraq.  It goes back to the start... more»
7 hrs ago (6 replies) |
Last reply by Linda : Ladies, I feel the same and that, I think, is what makes me physically ill.  There is a darkness and don't get me started.  Like the idea of the soft slippers or shoes to throw at the TV; may have to do that myself.... more»
10 hrs ago (3 replies) |
11 hrs ago (9 replies) |
by Ray C.
1 day ago (20 replies) |
1 day ago (4 replies) |
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