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We live in one of the freest and most prosperous societies in the history of mankind. Yet all around us our freedoms and our prosperity seem under threat. How did this state of affairs arise and what can we do about it?  

                                  Peter Francis Fenwick

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Last reply by Ex : Thinking about Gone With the Wind...Scarlet had a really dippy old aunt from Atlanta.  Scarlet herself was not a nice person.  Ashley was a wimp!  I don't know why people have to get their panties all bunched up,... more»
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Last reply by Margaret : Have to say I love what Greece has done.  They did use the EU for 25 years and now at this crucial time they prove once again that socialism does not work!  I love it.  I can't wait to see the EU go down in... more»
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Last reply by Margaret : *goldheart* ... more»
by Tony D.
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