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11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

 Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
 American Exceptionalism
 The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision
 Lower Taxes
 Limited Government
 Peace Through Strength
 Belief in the Individual

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2 min ago (4 replies) |
Last reply by Margaret : Love the idea of moving the embassy and how he recognizes that all the terroist groups are basically the same S--- pot of violence.  I'm sure he recognized that most of their governments support them also.  They only... more»
3 min ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by David : ... more»
by John W.
4 min ago (5 replies) |
Last reply by Darren : Remember though, that most politicians, senators, etc., were ALL educated at colleges and universities. A lot of them also came through business school, and law firms, which is why the majority know how to present a sleek image,... more»
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