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11 Principles of a Reagan Conservative

 Sanctity and Dignity of Human Life
 American Exceptionalism
 The Founders’ Wisdom and Vision
 Lower Taxes
 Limited Government
 Peace Through Strength
 Belief in the Individual

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1 hrs ago (1 reply) |
Last reply by Linda : I have heard or read a few of these and know them to be true remarks.  It is time we all took notice and it is time that we encourage them to go home and now. If they feel that they have the right answers and solutions, why... more»
1 hrs ago |
Linda says: Please go to the following link and watch the video.  It is the most encouraging one I have seen in awhile and I certainly hope that the U.S. can get some of this backbone and wake up, too.  I did not get sound but... more»
by John W.
1 hrs ago (11 replies) |
Last reply by Linda : John, aren't answered prayers so uplifting and encouraging.  This is great news and we will keep praying.  So pleased you were able to both attend church and get that answer to the immediate prayer request. ... more»
by John W.
1 hrs ago (5 replies) |
2 hrs ago (1 reply) |
21 hrs ago (3 replies) |
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