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For a long time the New World Order has been dismissed as conspiracy theory. It's existence can no longer be denied. World leaders have admitted to it's existence, yet people still refuse to open their eyes.
For those still think that the New World Order is just a conspiracy, and doesn't really exist, you need to see this video: 

And this one:

Please forgive me for not embedding the videos, I am trying to but having a little trouble with it.

So what does a NWO (New World Order) mean? 

It means Global enslavery. It means that if the world is run under one government, and we don't agree with that governments policies, we will have no one to turn to and no wear to go. 

People supporting the NWO believe that bringing in a One World Government will bring world peace. The Government is not going to go to war against itself. We all want World Peace, but at what price?

Here are the plans of the NWO:

 A One World Government
 A One World Religion
 A One World Law System
 A One World Currency
 A One World Computerised Tracking System to deal the death blow to objectors to the system

I don't want to give up my right to religious freedom. I dont want to live in a world where I face jail time or even death if I speak up against the government and its policies. Our rights and freedom will be completely taken away. How can we stand for this?

Exposing the New World Order: 

Complete Basic NWO Guide For People Who Are Waking Up:
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