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Some philosophy centered forums can be as dogmatic as your local Catholic church. In this place you'll find none of that. Share your ponderings, share your ideas.. Share your thoughts here; No concept too abstract or far-fetched. THINKERS UNITE.
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cat'seyenebula.jpg Hey.... pssst.... You there...... Yeah you...
I see you... Welcome... Come in. Sit down. Take off your shoes & roll up your sleeves.
We like nitty-gritty here.
We like raw mental projections.
Random ponderings.
Unfiltered visions of what your thoughts are about anything... We're not strict about guidelines; if you aren't formally schooled in philosophy, it matters not... Philosophy, in it's roughest sense, is our thoughts on what "is"... So here we'll talk about what we think "is".
Bring your thoughts. Bring your art. Bring your poems and short stories; if you can think it, you can share it here.
Prepare to come here, speak about whatever's on your mind and not to be judged personally. We have no criteria for sex, race, religious outlook, IQ level or degree of schooling. Our only criteria is that you come with an open mind.

In the same breath, do not come here to be upset by debate. Debate is healthy and we can all learn from one another and our differing views.
Debate is transpersonal, which means everyone holds the right to agree or disagree at their own whim; It's nothing personal, we're all different...
All who come here are looking to enrich their understandings of anything and everything; to share and be shared with. All who come here are constantly engaged in wonder... we'll throw all our wonder into a big, beautiful cauldron!
Utilizing intellect is a fantastic game, and we intend to play it.

Transpersonally yours,
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