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I thought I would change this group around a bit and use it for poetry,art,and music people. As well as anyone else with a very good hobbie. Anyone can join I don't mind at all. Welcome to the group take your shoes off and stay awhile.
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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting Hello members and welcome to the group hope you guys like it here. I love to talk to people about there hobbies and intrusts as well as other things that get them down or jsut stuff they want to talk about*hugs tightly*welcome to the group!!!!I also wanted to say I will respect you no matter if your gay bi les or straight.I respect peoples sexural orantaions and I hope you will respect the other members in the group orantains.I also respect people's belifs in things and hope that they will respect mine.I love to talk to people and help them anyway i can i love talking about normal stuff like what you did today or yesterday, what happened to you in the past,what your child life was like, hobbies,intrusts,ect.If you have problems in your life and your also looking for a good friend to talk to i'm always here if you want to talk I been threw a lot some people have never been threw befor I am good at giving advice because I seem to understand things a lot better about nature then most people do.I also help people with learning html code and helping them with making layouts or getting stuff on there group page when they didn't know how to so if you have any questions you can talk to me anytime.The internet is the only life i feel comfertable haveing at the moment since reality is a real stress killer where I live so I never get out much unles i'm with a group of people. Leader Midnight My art work,poetry,and photography,astrophotography,and more.Take a look and tell me what you think please.
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