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A place to discuss computer know-how and issues, including HTML, image editing, and all the Care2 stuff.

Welcome to Computer Shop, a place to discuss computer subjects and Care2, just for fun or to work out problems. The more you know about what you can do with your computer, the more fun you can have!

Seven instructive threads that cover most of the posting features available on Care2:

Posting in Care2 Groups

Posting images, without hotlinking

How to Upload a Profile Photo

Uploading images to Care2

Tips for your Billboard

Tips for Profile Comments

Learning Basic HTML

Five threads for computer learning fun:

Making an Opossum Notepad

20 Stylish Fonts for Care2

Introducing Photoscape

16 Fun Photoscape Filters

How to save a screenshot

How to install a Firefox browser:

Installing a Firefox browser

Eight threads on ways to improve how your computer runs:

Windows maintenance.

Advanced SystemCare.

Free security programs.

Blocking unwanted download sources.

Removing unwanted programs.

Storing stuff on discs or flash drives.

Using drop-down bookmarks folders.

Other ways to improve your computer.

Feel free to add your insights, comments, or issues to my threads.
You are welcome to start your own threads to post any questions.

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