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A friendly place to learn about and discuss all aspects of spirituality as understood through religion, science and philosophy of Modern Spiritualism. Come join in stimulating, thought provoking discussions about Modern Spiritualism and related topics.
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Welcome to Modern Spiritualism! This group is intended to assist the beginner in their search for answers as they discover their own spiritual path. Come join in thought provoking discussions and discover more about the Philosophy, Religion and Science of Modern Spiritualism.

This group is the place to discuss a broad range of ideas about God, spirit, spirit communication, meditation, mediumship, healing, the afterlife and how we can use these aspects of spirituality to improve our lives and the lives of those around us.

There is organized Modern Spiritualism and many other forms of New Age spiritualism and spiritism practiced today. Native Peoples’ Shamanistic spiritual practices are also regaining popularity today as people try to find a spiritual path that is right for them. Whatever your spiritual path, you are welcome to join us and share knowledge ideas relating to spirituality. Come and meet new people and find like-minded thinkers.

What Is Modern Spiritualism?

The religion, philosophy and science of Modern Spiritualism has its roots in the 19th century and is recognized as coming into being in an organized way in 1848 with clearly stated principles by 1871. A way of life for its adherents, it is the knowledge that there is continuous life after the change called death. Modern Spiritualists have proof of this afterlife because we (as are all of humanity) are able communicate with the disincarnate spirits of those who have crossed over to the spirit world through psychic gifts given by God and developed by the consistent practice of Mediumship. Modern Spiritualism combines Philosophy, Science, and Religion as a way of living in with God as the centre in every aspect of one’s life.

The governments of many countries officially recognize Modern Spiritualism, as it is practiced today, as a legitimate religion with its own organizations, institutions and structure of spiritual practices.

Please contact the Group Host directly with any further questions you might have and I will do my best to address them as quickly as possible. Also, you are welcome to post questions and comments on the message boards. Again, welcome to Modern Spiritualism!

Catherine MacDonald

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