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This is to give more information about StrayDog.Inc. Hopefully, get enough people to know about it that someone somewhere will be able to help. I will be adding othe No-kill Shelters so people now there are some in their area.
FOr more information on these and other No-kill shelters please go to "my page" by clicking on my photo or at the link below:

St. Frances Animal Rescue Needs
Our Help.

They have had a break in and am now possibly going to lose their No-kill Shelter home.
Please read the notice posted By Ginger below

The Animal Rescue Site $100,000 Shelter+ Challenge -- Together With Petfinder.Com. Animals 


Now you can help The Animal Rescue Site choose which eligible animal rescue organizations will receive special funds to help animals! Participating is simple. You can cast one vote every day for your favorite rescue.


That is the line that got my attention the
first time I looked at the web page for


Since Pat's passing (on June 1, 2003) Bill Arnold continues to work every day for Straydog Inc., managing the
shelter exactly as Pat would have wanted. Pat and Bill's four children (all in their 30s and 40s
with full-time jobs) are also helping out a lot at Straydog, trying to carry on their
mother's mission of providing decent lives for dogs who have no one.

Straydog is a "lifeboat" (and sanctuary) for rescued dogs. A vacant spot in a kennel is an empty seat in our "lifeboat,"
so, if you're interested in adopting a dog, see our website "Dogs for Adoption" link, or call to inquire about dogs
you may have seen recent photos of but who may not yet be included in our "Dogs for Adoption" link. And
please continue to support us. We will continue to row this "lifeboat" to shore, dropping off rescued
dogs into the arms of good adopters, and we will continue to fill the space left vacant by each
adopted dog with another desperate homeless dog for as long as we are able to hold on
(financially). We believe that the example of our sacrifice (and the example of
the sacrifice made by the people running all other no-kill shelters) must be
publicized to wake people up and make them aware of the necessity to
SPAY and NEUTER their dogs (and cats) so that homeless dog
(and cat) rescue "lifeboats" will no longer be necessary.

Please understand that I am not linked with these wonderful people beyond the fact that they are some of the most selfless people I have seen in a very long time. It is souly because of everything I have seen them do and now what they have done that I continue to promote this NO KILL Shelter. 

Follow these links for all information on StrayDog.Inc

Daily Updates :

How to make donations to StrayDog:

 StrayDog Daily Operating fund/Vet Bill:

Direct link to Straydogs up for adoption:

Direct like for StrayDog kitties up for adoption:

Successful Adoption stories:

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