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Project to create a "non-profit" ~Global~Healing~Network~~over the world wide web... - connecting individuals, groups, communities, local/national/international organizations and networks, covering all the different healing directions and causes...
Dear Group members, friends and visitors...

I did so far as I could up to now the site, and I will go on learning how to do more...

I am not the project, just the initiator...

we all are part of the project, if we want so...

Alone it is not so fun, I wish that you also bring in your ideas, visions and skills...

to get the project going on...

otherways I just made a site for my self ???!!!

I will just post my opportunities and offers into the site, and will be waiting for others to join the project too...

together its more fun...
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Last reply by Past Member : Yes Manfred, and with wisdom as Jenna ... more»
7 years ago |
Manfred says: No one can heal someone, everyone heals himself, we can just give support to help others to heal themselves... in my point of view, every thing, what helps us to get honest to our selfs is healing. Can be any action in life...... more»
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