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A portal to assist us in accessing the Light with the help of the pure innocence of our pets and their natural connection to THE SOURCE. A PRAYER /REIKI REQUEST GROUP.CERT. REIKI MASTERS. LEAVE REQUEST WITH THE REVS.TWEETLES AND HENRY & KWP




Our Lord who art in all creatures
Hallowed be thy name.
May thy kingdoms flourish
And thy will be done
Through feather, fin and hoof.
Surround us each day with bird song and wolf cry
And forgive us our sins against all our relations
As we allow them their place among us.
Lead us not into separation
But deliver us from arrogance.
For theirs is the beauty, the power
And the wisdom
Rising out of the earth to meet us.


A Prayer to Help us Hold the Vision Heavenly Creator,
You whose magnetic love has kept us ever seeking you,
Help us to keep our vision close and real in our hearts and minds and souls.
Help us project it out on rays of light beaming from our hearts. Help us to hold
this grand vision of all of us finally transcending into our true nature
as beings of universal, transcendent love.
We see this magnificent earth populated by kind humans who are fearless
because You are in each one of us.
And in this fearlessness we find no need or violence of any kind toward anyone.
We live in harmony and mutual respect with all animals and all creation.
Only Divine kindness and compassion, love and light expresses through us as we stand all rapt in awe at the holy wonder of the loving universe.
Om Shanti, Shanti

A Prayer to Be Compassion
I understand that
To find compassion for animals, I must be compassion.
To obtain peace for the animals, I must be peace.
To gain love for the animals, I must be love. Help me, Dear Lord of Compassion, to be in heart, soul, body, word, and deed that which I want to manifest on earth for the animals
and for us all.
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