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Sometimes, less is more. Case in point: “Thanks for Sharing,” a film that’s a little too eager to be ID’d as a “sex addiction dramedy.” As a result, solidly grounded performances from almost all the cast members wind up playing second fiddle to navel-gazing.

Adam (Mark Ruffalo) is five years into recovery in a New York sex addicts’ support group. Mike (Tim Robbins) is his sponsor, and Neil (Josh Gad) is sponsored by Adam. When Adam meets Phoebe (Gwyneth Paltrow) at a “food-adventurers dinner,” it’s a meet-cute. He’s willing to try roasted bugs; she isn’t. But Phoebe, a sexy and no-b.s. breast cancer and mastectomy survivor, is willing to see more of Adam. Their budding relationship faces a challenge when she hears about his problem.

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Meanwhile, Mike has issues with his grown son Danny (Patrick Fugit), a drug abuser who absorbed Mike’s addiction cycle. And Neil, a doctor, loses his job after filming up his boss’ skirt — right after being punched by a woman he rubs against on the subway. He’s helped back on his feet by another member of the group, Dede (a spiky turn from Alecia Moore, aka the rocker Pink).

Neil and Dede’s friendship — they’re frickin’ buddies, not f— buddies — is gentle and kind, symbolic of a state of grace that they all strive for, one day at a time.

Co-writer and director Stuart Blumberg, writer of “The Kids Are All Right” and, earlier, a great flick called “Keeping the Faith,” works with his cast to keep things real.

But “Sharing’s” hangup with its hangups becomes too much. There’s a nice left turn in the arc of Robbins’ character, who’s incorporated his issues into the tapesty of his life. The others, though, follow a one-note trajectory. A little tortured psyche goes a long way; a lot of it is a turnoff.

Still, the actors do their best to woo us, and for a while it works. Most flirty is Paltrow, who, as in the “Iron Man” films, shows off mature skill at quick-wittedness and hotsy-totsy-ness. Phoebe’s scars are physical, not mental, and made invisible by her life-affirming pleasure in sensuality. At one point she does a little striptease dance for Adam that throws him for a loop, for good reason.

Paired with Ruffalo, a guy who never strikes a false note, Paltrow helps “Thanks for Sharing” earn some goodwill. Too bad that just when you think it’s in a groove, it falls back into bad behavior.
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