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Get the best news first on my upcoming book "The Crescent Prophecy"!
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Coming in Summer 2006

The book is the first in the "Seven Goddesses" series. It begins in a country known as Urany where the people struggle against an everlasting season of bitter cold. Not to mention that Urany is ruled by seven immortal Ice Warlocks that supress the people who do not live among their Stronghold court. When whispers of a rebellion reach the Ice Warlocks ears, they set out to find the small band of traitors and destroy them. What the immortal ones do not know is that the rebellion has been set in covert motion well before on a notion that stemmed from the ancient scrolls of The Crescent Prophecy. Spies for the rebellion were placed in the court of the Warlocks and one of the rebel spies has formed a very close bond with the only daughter born to the immortal beings. Love blossoms, but will it be destroyed when the walls of secrecy come tumbling down?

I hope you enjoy this cold bitter world and the sizzling passion of forbidden love.
Thank you for your interests and I will keep you all updated on the release date!

Ami Kathleen

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Message: "The Crescent Prophecy" cover is done!!!  
To all of my Care2 Friends!! I am so excited that the cover design for my first published book is done! I wanted to share it with you! This means that "The Crescent Prophecy" will be released VERY soon!!
Hugs, Loves, and Hershey Kisses!!
Posted: Jun 6, 2006 3:54pm | (0) | (0) |  
{ else }   Blog: The Crescent Prophecy Excerpt  
He directed his horse in a circle so that he faced the opposite direction of her. The trot came to a halt. He reached across the space between them and placed a hand on her cheek. She lowered her eyes and pitifully attempted to ward off the fire that burned beneath the flesh where he touched.

“The day that we met will remain with me forever.” He whispered and moved his hand along her cheek to her hair. He took a strand of it in between his fingers just as he did the day they met. “You were wise to disguise your hair and face, Adrishta. Dangers unknown to all of us lurk everywhere.”

“So I am barely beginning to understand.” She could hardly find her breath. This man made her alive in places she didn’t know existed. It was a hunger stronger than any she ever felt, and it seemed it could only be quenched by the man before her.

“I would have you understand one more thing.” He told her in his deep gentle voice.

She arched her brows in confusion. “What would that be?”

“There are many things left undone.” He began, “I am to fix that. There is somewhere I must go.”

His eyes burned a hole into her. Before she could respond, he cradled her face with his large hand and leaned down to brush his lips against hers. She was paralyzed with his sweet mouth and as if in a day dream, her hand flew up to cup his strong chin.

He broke the kiss after much hesitation and set his horse prancing. He looked at her with a blend of utter passion and sadness. “Do not think I have betrayed you. Tell the commander prince so.”

Adrishta snapped out of her elation and reached out for him in a panic. The memory of the night he gave nearly all of his life to save a tree hit her like a stone, “Wait! Nicodemus, it is not safe to roam alone in a world you know nothing about!” she cried. He was too far out of her reach.

“I will be safe, my Adrishta.” He promised, “I will return for you, I vow it on my mother’s soul. Go to your home, it is but a swift canter away.”

“Wait!” she cried and stretched for him with all of her strength.

He splayed his hands to his sides like the wings of an Oporan. A veil of emerald and blue lightening shot from his throat.

The dream catcher.

It pulsed and fanned out around him in a flash. Adrishta had to shield her eyes from the brilliance of light. The explosion faded and through the remaining mists, Nicodemus was no longer there.

He was gone.

Posted: Feb 27, 2006 6:27pm | (3) | (0) |  
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