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A place for those living a transgender life and their loved ones to gather. To give support to each other and advice. This group is open to all, but mainly orientated towards FTM and their loved ones.
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Welcome to our group!  We started this group because there are tons of groups out there for all flavors of people in the GLBT life, however very few of them are centered towards FTM.  If you are FTM wether presurgical or postsurgical or the loved one of someone who is FTM then you are welcome here.

This is a self guided group and we are here to support each other, offer advice and share lifes ups and downs.  That said, there are also a few rules for this group and we hope that you understand the reasons for them to be here.

1. No flamming is allowed of anykind.  You will be warned once, the second time you will get a two day block from the group.  There will not be a third time.

2.  We are all adults, any subject is open for discussion.  However this is not an x-rated group...Keep it clean.

3.  What is said in this group stays in this group.  If we hear of or find any cross posting out of this group then you will be removed.  This life is hard enough without people causing more stress.

4.  Language is important...Keep it clean!  We do not always need to use bathroom talk to get our points accross.

5.  This is a self guided group.  There may or may not be members here who are in the medical profession.  However, any advice given is done so completely on a voluntary basis.  We can not be held responsible in any way for advice given.  We voice our opinions and our experiences only.

6. THIS IS NOT A MEET UP GROUP.  This group is for FTM's and their loved ones.  If you came here to meet a are in the wrong group, there are groups here on Care2 for that.  Go join one.

7.  Seth and I are Christian.  We believe in God and his grace to forgive, to heal.  We do not hide the fact that we are Christians, however we will not push our beliefs onto you.  However, you are more than welcome to post into our "Prayer" thread or our "Blessing" thread and tell what God has done for you.

So, that's it for the rules in this group.  Please do not make me moderate this group...lets just agree to get along.

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